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Has anyone ever started a go fund me page?


Has anyone ever started a go fund me page? My son has been homeless for about two years he recently got some money for a G.I. Bill from the army, and he use that money to fly to Switzerland in the middle of the winter. It’s been about a month and he recently got attacked beaten up and taken to the hospital in an ambulance. He’s begging me to help him get home I am financially strapped with caring for and raising his daughter. We don’t always have food and the bills are usually late. He’s deteriorating so rapidly in there. If you can come to the United States again I feel like he has hope of getting a disability getting on food stamps or getting a job. Has anyone here ever had success with the go fund me page?


I did have one once. I needed $800 to get my son’s car transported from California to Ohio. My car died and my son was giving me his used car if I could get it transported. It is easy to set it up. You have to maybe put a picture or two together and explain your story and then you set it up the way it explains on the website. Then share it on social media like Facebook and Twitter. The money (when and if it comes) will periodically be deposited into whatever account you specify with just a nominal fee deducted of cents on the dollar. I did reach my goal, it took about a month or so. I don’t have rich friends…and I am like you…living on a shoestring. It is well worth the effort though to at least try.

One other idea to help your son is to appeal to local churches in your area, try to get a meeting with the pastor and explain your situation, many churches have a community assistance fund and they may deem your situation to be worthy of that kind of help, I certainly think it is. I hope it works out that you get him home and sooner than later. My best to you.


It is worth a try. I didn’t have much success, but I don’t do a lot of social media and don’t have a lot of “friends” on the net. I think a well written story and photos help a lot. I don’t understand at all why some of those stories go viral and others just, well, sit there… Good luck with sorting this out. You are doing a lot taking care of his daughter, and keeping her safe. Perhaps that is the best you can do for him. In my opinion, you should not hurt your own survival and your granddaughter’s survival in the hope that your son won’t do something non-survival again when he gets back to America. It is very expensive to keep bailing someone out from their own choices.