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Has anyone had to send a teen to therapuetic. Boarding school?


@Hummingbird I am sorry for this struggle. Does he have a diagnosis of schizophrenia? Does he take medication? I have heard of a program for teens that deals specifically with anger management (and probably addiction). Also, there is a NAMI-Basics program geared for younger people. I don’t have first-hand information but you can look it up at

Thank you for replying! He is switching to

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Hi Hummingbird. My user name is Okra. I just tried to PM you. Let me know whether you receive it. (I can’t tell whether I did it right.) My son was dx’d during his teen years. Getting good help for someone that age is very difficult. And schools! I understand what you’re dealing with there! My son’s p-doc did start him on clozapine while he was a teenager, so yes, that is possible. Also, I’m a NAMI Basics instructor, so I included some info about that in my PM.

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