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Have you attended the NAMI Family to Family program?

If you’ve participated in NAMI’s Family to Family program, what was your experience? In what ways was it helpful or not? I’ve taken the 12 week NAMI class and found it a good introduction to mental illness. I’m now curious about Family to Family. My son is 23, dual diagnosis with first episode at 18, diagnosis of sza at 20, and diagnosis of sz at 22.

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amysfo, its been a couple of years since we attended Family to Family, it was a 12 week course. NAMI Basics used is a 6 week course. I do know that sometimes they change the format to fit people’s needs. Perhaps your Basics class was done over 12 weeks?

We did do Family to Family and strongly recommend it for all families who find themselves with a family member with mental illness.


I did attend when my son was first diagnosed many years ago, and I found it to be extremely educational and eye opening. I learned so much about mental illness in general and about a lot of resources. I also got to befriend some other parents in my situation, some of which I still talk to today. I highly recommend it.


We found it helpful in that it gave us a better sense of how have the disease effected our son. How the world looks through his eye.