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Hearing Voices and Paranoid Delusions: Inside a Schizophrenic Brain

Published on Nov 8, 2015
Hearing Voices and Paranoid Delusions: Inside a Schizophrenic Brain. Now and then we all think we heard someone calling our name, or noticed a strange coincidence. But for people with schizophrenia, these can take on a much more nefarious quality. Dr. Vikaas Sohal walks us through what it feels like to be inside a schizophrenic brain.

Short enough video for me to pay attention. :wink:

I must agree to what he said. Memory problems is my hardest disability. Pdoc says my memory is fine, I just am not able to focus according to her.

Most of what he said about positive symptoms didn’t really fit me that well. But it was an OK video, it explains the basic stuff.

Are visual hallucinations really that uncommon? It made it sound like it’s not even really a thing but sure maybe it might happen.

That has not at all been my experience. Visual and tactile hallucinations are there just as much as auditory, though the meds do get rid of them more easily than auditory. Anyone else?

for me Visual is pretty uncommon, only at my worst.
But I think looking at things and having stuff superimposed happens more.
So then they said, just take your meds, ha.