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Help ! Any advise ? My son told me he was going to stop his pills!

He was only taking his pills due to the fact that the medical advisory board from FLHSMV were only allowing him to drive if he complied with seeing his psychiatrist and taking pills . He just received a letter from them saying they approve of his driving and no follow up reports are required . I just don’t know what to do and i’m scared .

I think you should call the police on him and send him to the hospital. You could get a court order, get him a case manager, or move him to a group home. I think that will be safer for him than going off meds. I think you should encourage him to think about his future like about how he could work or study or have a decent life is he chooses to stay on meds. You could try therapy, but it didn’t help me and was a waste of time I could’ve spent working on my own life. I personally care about my mental health because I want to be able to work out and hopefully marry one day. I’m also starting to read and want to finish a book I started on Japan. I think reading helps me to think of ways to conclude things happily and turn down negative thoughts like how mentally ill people are stigmatized. I am blessed with a puppy and think I want to focus on my own success and your son should learn to do the same. Much blessings! :slight_smile:


i pray and wish :pray:
He has anasognosia , no insight , very difficult .

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I have been through this 4 cycles now… it is sad scary and a mess- I understand why you are scared. If you can try to convince him b4 he is too far gone. If not see if you can get a court order. Good luck

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My son with SZA takes a monthly injection - so don’t have to worry about taking pills daily. He takes Invega Sustenna. Could see if this med would be appropriate for your son. Take care and hang in there.

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Wat do u think of Invega?

I convinced him to take his meds today after 15 calls back and forth and lots of stress , he took 20mg instead of 25mg , I don’t know what tomorrow will bring . I’ve been advised to get an Ex-parte . He is not willing to take any injections and that’s because one doctor forced it on him and he’s traumatised. All I can do is pray :pensive:

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@Linda. I am sorry, I understand as I am currently going through this as well. My 30 year old son was on invega for 1.5 years and it worked well and he had a decent job that could pay his bills. His symptoms started coming back after he was off for about 8 months. Now he is refusing the shot and quit his job and now has a lower paying one. We’ll see how long it lasts. I sent him rent for Oct and part of Nov. and told him if he wants more he has to go back on the shot. He too has anasognosia, so he refuses. I am scared as well that he will be homeless. I’m am trying to think one day at a time. Today he will not be homeless. Today he (I hope) still has a job. I am also trying to let go.


Im so sorry Diane , i pray for your son :pray: I really hope he will take the shot . I will be speaking with my son today convincing him again to take his meds . This is so draining . He wants to quit cold turkey and i am terrified ! i am also doing one day at a time as its way too much stress for me and i know for you as well . Ive been told to get an ex-parte form ready so i am trying to see where i can get this form :worried:

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My son has quit cold turkey several times- each time he sinks lower. It is scary- and sad. I have sometimes had luck convincing him, begging, etc. sometimes not and the consequences have been extreme. The last time I found him with 7xs the legal limit of alcohol in his blood- er icu psych ward, rehab. That’s my last 9 weeks. He wants out of rehab by Sunday…

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Im sorry Jeannet , its so hard and draining . Can i ask you how long after he quit did he recline ? was it days ?weeks ? i need to know what im dealing with (even though i know everyone is different ) also did you ever get an Ex-Parte ?

Every person is different and each time was different based on how long he took the medication. The first time he was med compliant for over 2 years it took 2-3 months. If he took the med for 6 months- maybe 1 week.

Thats very interesting, thank you for sharing . My son has been taking it for over 3 years , im not sure what to expect .

It may take time for him to disorient. It’s was hard for me to watch his decline

Will be hard for me too :pensive:

Thank you - I don’t know where you get an ex-parte. In Colorado - there is nothing you can do to force meds, except court ordered. Which he had for two years. I’m offering him $1300 (rent) to get the shot and he still won’t at this point. We’ll see what happens if he gets closer to loosing his apartment and he can’t live with me.

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@Jeannet does your son live with you?

So stressful !!! You may be able to offer him the same offer at a different time of the day . My son’s moods changes all the time . I just managed to get him to take 20mg today with bribes too and that was with a lot of stress . Lets see what tomorrow brings … hang in there , one day at a time .

He lived with us for 5 years and I learned the pattern- he moved to his own place one year ago July- and after rehab is going back there with an iop 2 hours a day 4 days per week,meetings etc… he says he can do it. Let’s see

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@Jeannet I have a feeling I am on the verge of the cycling and it may involved him being homeless. But these will be the choices he makes. I’m on year 10 of this. Year 4 or so of knowing it is a MI issue. Are you in the same state as your son? I am no longer in the same state - his father is still in the same town (for now). It’s so hard as our son isolates from us even. So we just wait to see what happens.