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Feeling lost and frustrated

Feeling lost today. My son was given permission to take his meds without supervision and so he decided not to take the meds at all. He is an adult so I was not notified of this change until he called me in a manic state.

We are back to square one. I am tired. R


Is there a way to get it changed back?

Really, really understand the tired part. I am sorry.

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What is your son’s current living situation - is he at an assisted living place?

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They did change it back. A little too late though. He is back where he was a year ago. It will take some months to reverse this. He was doing so well, going to school, going to the gym and this is probably why they decided he was well enough to take his own meds. He obviously was not and I would have told them that has they called me. Whenever he was on his own he didn’t take his meds.

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He lives in supportive housing. Mostly independent but they check to make sure he takes his meds and he has a counselor that checks on him a couple of times a week. She was a new counselor which I was also not notified about. She did not look at his history to see that this was dangerous for him.

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That’s very frustrating. Have you been able to talk with someone about getting things changed back?

Oh, nevermind, I see your previous comment!

Been there , feel sorry for you, for this situation
As a matter of fact, I’m having similar situation. My son lives by himself, was doing very well with invega injection, decided not to take it any more, medical staff decided that he was doing well, so leaves hospital with pills, and stopped taking his meds. He doesn’t want any help,stated he’s good, all he needs is to get a job
2 times hospitalized in the last 2 months. I keep praying for my son, will pray for yours too.
Keep strong!