Help! Hospital trying to release my son to me because I am conservator

I’m not sure if everybody knows that my son was recently sent from a long term facility to ETS on May 20 to get a evaluation for being unstable/ cutting/on suicidal watch . He did get admitted to a hospital and now they are saying that they can’t find any beds available in area for long term care and (other long term facility will not accept him back )s o now the placement management is trying to find him a bed in O.C. Well his case worker called me and said I am LPS conservator and doctor thinks my son is stable and the only reason he is here is because of no shelter so we might have to release him to you since your the conservator… Does anybody know the laws or information about being LPS conservator? I have never heard such a thing? I know I’m suppose to make sure he has shelter but did not think he could get released to me if they are working on another long term facility or a bed…I told them that he would never go with me to a long term facility once my son was sent home and he would be off meds within a month! I called his old case worker from the last time he was admitted at same hospital and asked her if she could please help me and let the other case worker know the situation about my son and I need to get him back to a long term facility.

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I have no idea. I’m guessing even if you weren’t conservator they would still be trying to do this.

You may want to google LPS Conservator. I looked at it and the whole idea of an LPS Conservatorship is for persons who are not safe and are gravely disabled, not able to provide for their food, clothing, or shelter. Are you going to feed him, cloth him, and shelter him. Keep him safe? Is this an LPS Psychiatrist? Has the court decided? Just saying.

This is the problem with mental hospitals closing.there needs to be long term mental hospitals.hospitAls do this all the time.washington should be demonstrated people are let out too soon all the time

UGH! they always do this!
I dont have answers for you-but I can tell you what I did.... Everytime C. was released too early, he would either stay with me, his dad, or if he had an apartment-he would stay there. Of course he was unstable and abusing drugs. there was a period when I was taking him to the ER every other month. He was put on a 72 hour hold...then maybe they would hold him 2 weeks there. eventually, a bed would be open in a state hospital if he needed to go. I was once told that if he had no where to go, the hospital was not allowed to release him. Other times-they did anyway....I would raise heck with his case manager. Tell all concerned that he has no where to live. Dont know if it is possible for you-but I would set up a studio apartment for him.
This is really the hard part in dealing with this illness. I, m sorry if this wasnt much help. It seems everyone has to carve out their own road with this stuff.

Thank you for your opinions and support. I just had to keep telling them I needed to get him back into long term care and there was no way if they let him out he would just be right back in the hospital in a month.

I can’t get leave from my job.No paycheck I pray and look for a job near my son. I was told by his doctor today his disease will get worse. My mother is tired. I am also.