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Help me help him now, he can do it


Hi, I have a friend, he has schizophrenia, and I am ok he has it. unfortunately I am the only one who is ok about it, I have known his family since I was a kid. I have read these forums privately learning about schizophrenia and knowing it can be managed and handled with good systems in place to support a patient etc for a manageable life, but his family have abandoned him. he was diagnosed with it about a decade ago, he has had bad outbursts throughout these years,which has alienated himfself from his family, but as my friend I see the good as side of him, I see his goodness, its not hidden, his schizophrenia symptoms unsettle people and even me to be honest sometimes, as well but in his heart he is a really good person, he just isnt capable at this time projecting that how he wants to and is totally misunderstood by his family, he wants them and needs them I reckon and I am going to talk to them about Adam in about 6 hours by bringing them his ilness and telling them to get over everything and get them refocused.


So I think I have a very real claim to expecting very good treatment right now for my friend, we just do it here in new zealand so I want to get his family on board to drive the professional team which is publicly funded to not let him fall througth the gaps If i let him go, my 2 decades knowing him and his family, with his way he lives his day to day life, would be unjust to continue. I am in direct communication with his psychological professional health team but they lost my friend for about 3 months until I told them he was with me about a week ago. If asked I will share my emailed discussions with his health team but I think they are nearsighted and dont really look at things like a decade ahead and intervene around that perspective. I believe in my friend, and do expect exemplary care for him, I will explain our national laws as best as I know, however I think I know it very well. and so expectations as I know them to be should be explored

I am seeing his family in 6 hours, take the pressure off and offer your opinion with how I should address his family, I am not going to try be confrontational, I do want to explain his symptoms, then tell them its ok, it is what it is, accept it, I think saying that to his family would benefit my friend so much, and not just asking that, demanding that they accept he has a mental illness and engagin it. I reckon I can pull it all together, we have the facilities for it, can ya help me now


I have seen 4 records of views, if you can offer help, please do, I believe in my friend and non drastic planned action will help him so much


I presume now there are replies being written, the family was fractured by the death of the father at 52 of cancer about 5 years ago and I dont at all understand that family dynamic amognst them but they really are a nice family and group of people. so however I approach this needs to be considerate to that


I have to go to sleep it is !2:51 am, the biginning of xmas day her in nz I hope you guys have this handled on my return or atleast a variety of suggestions, you guys are the experts not me and his family wont be together like this till probably next xmas or beyond so i think the moment should be seized. my friend is not at allowed at his mums place which is where everyone will be including myself because I am inviting myself because its got to happen and now has to be seized.I am very diplomatic, I can control myself in delivery of information in a process and I will pick the best suggestions and merge with what I feel is right, this is real this is not a joke on your community. please deliver, tomorrow should deliver solutions not a problem


May be you can let the family know about the famous 10 myths about schizophrenia? (…that he is not lazy, he is not violent, etc.)


You are indeed a good friend!
I think you have a handle on the situation-but I dont know if you can expect results from his family--at least right away. My family has been split apart by my sons illness.
I hope they listen to you. If no results, are you able to help your friend through all the social services?
I think you are doing a good thing–it may be emotional for all.
I wish you luck and will say a prayer for your friend.
Let us know how it goes**


So today went off better than expected. My friend and I arrived at his former partners so he could see his son. I excused myself and raced to his mum’s house where I seen her and his two older sisters.

I’m really tired and won’t yet, write out what happened but we are uniting and readying ourselves for some long term specific treatment plan(s) for my friend. Well worth my obviously covert way to address his family without my friends knowledge. I will be back to write more as this develops and maybe invite one of his sisters to this board.

Hope everyone having an excellent xmas day


You ask a question;
How I should address his family?
You answer the question;
I do want to explain his symptoms,then tell them its ok,it is what it is,accept it

From our view,accept it or reject it,it is the issue of the family of your friend .
But the critical point,do you know the actual scenario of the symptoms ?
Do you know the principle knowledge about the symptoms,to be fit to tell
his family members ;What it is ?
Do you know the nature of suffering ?

I reckon you will explain the symptoms inspired from the medical references books or from the speech of doctor !