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HELP...need input from you all

OK, so I lost my job last week. With that I will also loose my insurance at the end of the month, was a part time job so don’t qualify for many things that full timers do. :frowning: I was talking to my brother who is a psychiatrist, he doesn’t do injections for his medication care, most of his patients are elderly with Alzheimers. That being said, he did suggest a change from Risperdal Consta (which hubby is taking now 50 mg /IM twice monthly, but is almost $2000 / month insurance was covering it so it was $50 / mth) to Depot Haloperidol. Has anyone had experience changing injectibles and an explanation of how well it worked, were there issues, basically where is it going to leave us with his stability, if you have a clue, I know diff for everyone, but I’m so scared as he is fairly stable as is, but no WAY can I afford the medication. This month is covered his last shot for this covered will be on the 30th. Just want some input/support/ideas from you all who live this like me Thanks!

My family member received Risperdal Consta for free from a state program. Info in this link:

Maybe the “view all programs” or “I have no coverage”??

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how long did it take? I have the paperwork for it, but am worried about the length of time it takes to get assistance. Thnks!

While not this med, when we applied for free meds for an immunosuppressive, it was processed within days.

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Can you get him and yourself on Medicaid?

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Here in California you could get Medi-Cal right away. Find out what your state offers

Nope, he’s working at this point and our state didn’t do the expanded medicaid :frowning:

The local branch of the State Health Department facilitated this and I don’t know how long it took, but the person can take oral Risperdal samples or generic oral Risperdal until the injection is free.