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Help to first responders at least in Wash. State

RideAlong is all about giving information to emergency responders who are interacting with people who have mental health problems. The company is working with its first few customers, and it’s already seeing results.

Briefly put, RideAlong is a means of building a profile for individuals whose names frequently run through the 911 system — with a focus on people who have mental health problems. When various people interact with one of those individuals, they can rely on the knowledge of others who have interacted with that person before.

It can be very simple information — for example, to not bring up a person’s parents when talking to them. Or to ask what a person’s name is, because they have dissociative identity disorder.

Key to the system is that it helps people involved in different organizations know what the best action is to take in a given situation.–By-Sharing-Information.html?utm_term=READ%20MORE&utm_campaign=Sharing%20Information%20Leads%20to%20a%20Drop%20in%20911%20Calls%20by%20%22Frequent%20Flyers%22&utm_content=email&utm_source=Act-On+Software&utm_medium=email

I hope this catches on.