Hemorrhoids due to constipation as a side effect of psychosis medications

Have you or your loved one ever suffered from hemorrhoids (external)? What solution did you use for that?

This article on hemorrhoid meds looks pretty good: https://curistrelief.com/blogs/curist/preparation-h-vs-recticare-vs-lidocaine-best-hemorrhoid-treatment

My son was horribly constipated when his AP meds were rapidly increased a couple of years ago. We had to give him Dulcolax tablets because it was an acute situation.

Maybe the hemorrhoids will go away if your LO is less constipated and can pass stools more easily. I see that Dulcolax makes a stool softener.

Daily Metamucil fiber can be used for maintenance, but it’s imperative that your LO drinks plenty of liquids to avoid getting blocked up. Perhaps buy drinks your LO enjoys the most.

A high-fiber diet with plenty of fruits around the house would be good, as would lots of veggies.


We thought my son’s hemorrhoids and constipation were from his meds (non psych). He used Preparation H for relief.

His issue turned out to be a colorectal cancer tumor. He had been complaining for several years to doctors and none of them ordered the screenings. Sadly it’s not that unusual for younger people to be diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Unfortunately they are often diagnosed at late stage.


I’m so sorry @hope. I didn’t know this about your son.


I’m so sorry too. But this information is very useful ! Hope your son is doing well right now. Thank you for sharing


My doctor recommended using aloe vera, the real plant, skinless, frozen, and used as a suppository. I couldn’t really mess with that easily, so I bought a VERY pure aloe vera creme, and used that. I found out about the cream when I was doing radiation for my breast cancer, it helped tremendously with the burns. The brand I have is called: Aloemoist Organics “full body cream” https://aloemoistorganics.com/

My daughter and I talk regularly about whether she pooped or not now. At first it was a touchy subject, but her meds cause constipation. Using “Natural Calm”, a magnesium supplement, drinking coffee on an empty stomach in the mornings usually gets her moving when she is stuck, and stool softener pills too.