Heroin meth and mental illness


There are several good shelters in my county and many offer programs and help. Your son hopefully will do well in the shelter near you. I think anyone with mental illness mostly needs some kindness and understanding and non threatening communication. It may help him a lot for you to make sure he knows you love him and he can call you and you hope he can stay off the drugs.


Thank you so much. Yes, we have a good shelter here too but we took him there and didn’t want to stay. He wanted to come home, we said no, because of drug use. Feel heartbroken and so worried now don’t know where he’s at. I keep checking his Facebook and nothing and nothing on the police media report. Guess I’m crazy when he’s home and also when he’s not. Just feel sick and heartbroken.


I’m so sorry you are going through this.


I hope he is as safe as possible.


I hope you can do something kind for yourself to feel a bit better.


@gvgirl I’m thinking of you and your son. This disease is absolutely heart breaking. Take care of yourself.


Thank you so much, I appreciate it.


@Gvgirl I am SO sorry you are having to go through this. It just brings tears to my eyes. It seems that you can’t let him stay at home not only because you have necessary boundaries, but that also would not help him! The hope I can offer is that I know of several situations where individuals with SZ hit bottom (including jail, drug use, etc.) who eventually got and accepted help and are doing quite well last I knew. I pray that will be what happens for your son, and that he will be safe until then. Persons with such illnesses can be incredibly street-savvy and able to survive. Take care of yourself as best you can.


Thank you so much for your encouragement and hope. I pray he is safe too. It’s torture not knowing where he is or if he’s ok.


I worried so much when my daughter was missing 2 years ago that I was almost sick with anxiety. It turned out she was safe and happy the whole time, while I was worried sick. I sort of adopted the “no news is good news” attitude when she disappeared the 2nd time, and later when she was hospitalized by the police (when I didn’t know she’d been hospitalized and she didn’t call to talk to me). She was fine. I hope your son is fine and you can relax sometimes even while not knowing where he is.


Thank you so much for sharing your story with me and I’m glad your daughter was okay but sorry for your worry and heartache. Our thoughts can make us sick, can’t they?


Yes, the mind is a strong thing, I often wonder how much of our ills are self created by our own minds.


I wonder that too, very high percentage I think.