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Home from hospital

Hi everyone I’m new here and my son is coming home Thursday after a three week stay in hospital for psycosis he’s on invega shot And depakote Is there any helpful Tips I should or should not do when he comes home I know I have to be strict about him taking his meds tks

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Hi Galey,
I hope you will find this site helpful. There are many of us here looking for support. I cannot give you any advice about medications. Just wanted to welcome you.

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Thank you I really appreciate this site it’s good to communicate with other people who understand I was just saying that my son is on those meds I understand no discussion about them but tks for the welcome :heart:

Recovery from psychosis takes a very long time. Sometimes a year or two. Lower your expectations, focus on each tiny step forward and have hope that life will be better someday. Yes taking medication consistently is important for most people. Know that motivation and desire to actively engage in life may not be evident for weeks. It will get better, but it takes time and patience.


My son will be coming home after a 3 week stay in hospital I’m a little nervous because he has a truck that’s in my name and I brought it to my sisters house I’m going to tell him when he’s compliant with his meds and out patient psychiatrist says he can drive then he can this is his third hospitalization this is a new diagnosis for him and us and we are all still adjusting we love him very much and will support him but there still has to be some rules right?

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As someone with sza I would say that being med compliant should come before anything else, it’s the most important thing.

Also keeping the stress level low.


Thank you for your help I saw my son tonight he seems better on the clorazil I still find it hard to believe he is schizophrenic I’m not in denial but wouldn’t we have seen some signs in the past four years? He smoked pot after each discharge from hospital and went into psycosis each time he also had the invega shot last month and the dr said even if he stops the depakote he shouldn’t go into psycosis but he did after smoking did I miss some signs? I don’t know he was working a physical job hanging with family showering ??

Please don’t be hard on yourself, Galey. Sz is a terribly unpredictable illness. It is hard on everyone. Even doctors and therapists sometimes are unsure what to do, or how to spot it. Be kind to your son, be strict with your rules, and expect medicine compliance.