My lil brother is stabalized

My lil brother has been away, in a hospital for a little over a month now. He definitley sounds better. Clearer maybe. Anyway, this is his first time in a hospital. His case worker says he is stabalized and ready to go home. The only problem is he really doesnt havr anywhere to go. He cant stay were he was before he went to the ER. He was living with our gmother. She cant deal with him. Shes just to old. Our mom goes back and forth between there and her boyfriends house. He cant go to his house. That leaves Me. I am hesitant though. I am raising three little boys. Baby boys. My life is already stressful enough. It makes me sad to say that bc i love my brother i just dont know if I can handle more on my plate. With that said, bc this is the firat time he will be released after treatment, idk how it will go. I do believe he deserves a chance to learn to live in the world with his disease.
I am at a stand still. My husband said he will back me up if i decide to take my brother in. (Love him). My brother loves him. Im just very scared about what could happen.

I think the most CRITICAL thing you can do for him is to say to him, you have to stay on your meds and listen to the doctor about dosage. People with sz stay pretty calm and cool on the outside, so it shouldn’t be TOO much a problem with him in the house, but I totally understand if he acts up again with 3 kids in the house, I would get crazier too. But the best thing he can do for you is stay on his meds even if he feels better or is sick of being sedated. I hope this helps with heartbreak in the future if he trys to get off his meds.

I’m so happy for you and your brother I hope it works. Make sure he stays on his meds my boyfriend lived with his older sister it turned out bad he left after years of problems, he got his own place and she didn’t like it. Now she got conservatorship over him and he fled to Canada to get away. So needless to say I’m sitting here in California broken hearted.

I’m sorry you are in the situation you are in.

I’m going to pray for you and your brother

Maybe if you tell him before hand that nothing can go wrong things might work out.


I got diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in 1980 when I was 19. I spent 1982 in a locked psychiatric hospital and I spent the rest of the eighties in group homes, psyche wards, and semi-independent living. From 1990-95 I lived in a board & care home with 12 other guys. It wasn’t that bad. In 1995 my sister invited me to live with her in her condo with my 5 year old nephew. I rented a room there for three years. It was a pretty good situation, I got along good with my nephew and played with him all the time.
I’m writing this to make two points;
One; I want to say that Board & Care homes aren’t that bad and may be a viable option for your brother.
Two: I lived successfully with my sister and her son. Maybe your brother can live successfully with you too.

Your brother is very fortunate to have such a loving, caring sister and brother in law… my son just had his first hospitalization… was there for 10 days and has been stabilized on a new once monthly med…I picked him up yesterday and am hopeful that the meds work… My son (28 years) had nowhere but his home to go to and I have not experienced anything so bad that I wouldn’t let him return, however we have an agreement that he may no longer smoke weed, ANYWHERE, he must attend all therapy sessions, and take the additional meds…Good Luck to you and your family…

I don’t know what happens in your country, but maybe staying with you could be temporary until he was in disability and had a stay paid somewhere? I don’t know if that option is available in your country, but if it is, that would be a good idea I think! You could go and see him, it’s better than many people living in the same house although you all love each other!

Thank you, All of you, for you advice. My brother plays really well with his nephews. He almost looks so at peace when he is with them. He has never done anything aggresive towards any of us. He has said some pretty bad things to my mom though. That was before treatment. Ill continue to pray for guidence. Thanks

Hi@allme2015…Have you thought of a group home for your brother. These are accomodations that you can access when you leave psych hospital. Group homes are basically run by social workers and halp the patent to readapt to real life. I think theyre a good idea so you can enquire. Just ask at the local psych hospital.

**Welcome @Allme2015~
He should be assigned a social worker and a doctors apptmnt on his release. If it doesnt work out, the case manager should be able to help him with finding his own place-also help him with SSI/SSDI and possibly section 8 housing.
For you and your family, see if there is a local NAMI support group. **

@bridgecomet, ty for the info. We are waiting now to see if he will get ssi. His case worker doesnt think he will bc he is young and this is his first hospitalzation. (Crazy)
He wouldnt be able to live on his own right now. He has never paid bills or kept a job longer than a couple weeks. Thats why i am thinking of bringing him here. Maybe teach him how to handle bills, etc.

I have never heard of that situation before with SSI!!
if you can handle your brother and have enough support yourself-and if he cooperates, that probably be the bestr thing in your case.**