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How did you get court appointed medication for your loved one?

I am curious how this works. If your loved one has court-appointed medication and you are willing to share I am curious how this worked in your state. Thank you.

Where we live, a judge commits the person to an involuntary outpatient commitment and the department of health and welfare takes over from there.

@Hereandhere - Does the person have to do something (like my son - who goes to court in April for a failure to show) and the judge realizes there is an issue or do we need to file paperwork to ask them to do an involuntary outpatient commitment? I know it is different per state.

Like you wrote, every state is different. Any assessment or evaluation or medical record can go into the court’s big file of information on a person who has charges. The judge should have all this information. Every good judge understands mental illness and will make legal decisions that protect the community along with helping treat the person who has mental illness.

Gather all medical records. Then figure out how to get the records to the court in your state. Where we live, the prosecution filed a bunch of legal orders to obtain medical records and the defense lawyer also requested certain evaluations and provided records to the court.

In depends upon your state. The law varies. If your child is put on a 72 hour hold, and it is determined that he needs medication, it will be prescribed. If he refuses, a besting will be held immediately to force the medications, through injections. This will continue until the hold ends. If your loved one continues to refuse the meds, you can get a conserveatorship. You will have the power to force treatment. Be mindful, of your child still refuses medication, you may have to go back to the hospital again, but this time, you can force the issue. These powers are not i definite. I hope if injections are forced, it will give your son some clarity to continue with the treatment. Good luck.

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