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Son managing his Sz

My son has gotten a lawyer to release him from state mandated daily taking of anti-psychotic meds.

Can this really occur,?

He’s a mess very quickly after ending meds.

Ending up in jail and the psych hospital.

As soon as he’s lucid and stable he fights to go off treatment.

I don’t know what to say or do but to remind him of the past.

Any advise and a nee perspective are needed

from snowy Vermont,

maple woman

I don’t have experience but presume that court orders can and do change, especially if challenged and there is evidence to support the change (or lack of support to continue the court order). Is there a timeframe for the current court order? Court orders do not typically make a person med-compliant for the longer term. If the the state and you both believe he needs to be on meds or other treatment but he doesn’t see himsel that way, read the book “I Am Not Sick; I Don’t Need Help”. In my opinion, the approach used in this book is our best hope to help our loved ones take and stay on meds.

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I am sorry your son is fighting the court order to take meds. Thankfully, my daughter’s doctor put her on a 30 day shot rather than daily meds. She seems to think a shot is OK, and although the court order is over, she has taken it for 3 months now in a row and her life is much improved. I asked the judge for help to get her medicated, and that is the ONLY reason she went on the shot. Just because your son gets a lawyer, doesn’t mean the court will lift his medication order. You may have to testify to the judge, as I did in front of my daughter.

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