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How do I get my son interested in doing things, hobbies, etc

I have tried everything to get my son interested in doing things. He has no interests. He does nothing all day and has now graduated from pot to cocaine. I am at my wit’s end.
What can I do? Please give me suggestions.


I would do whatever I could to get him away from the cocaine.


It’s not working for me just yet, but I’ve started making it look like it’s all about me.

I need to lose some weight & get more exercise, so I “need” him to walk with me.

I want to go to Bingo, but I don’t want to go by myself, so I “need” him to go with me.

He’ll at least say yes instead of saying I’ll think about it (that means no) - I just need to follow through more to see if he’ll really do any of it. He did walk with me for about 10 minutes the other weekend,.


@roseo – Like you I wanted desperately for my daughter to get involved in hobbies and also make friends with others who share the same challenges as she. I was able to teach my daughter how to knit and sew and she enjoys doing both but it’s not enough. I feel she needs more of a community of people and that is what is missing in her life.

You can make suggestions and that’s it. No amount of prodding and nagging will do anything except make our children feel worse than they already do. I tried it all and I’ve concluded that my daughter has to figure out how she wants to live – yes make suggestions but also back off.


I agree. I’ve tried everything to get my son interested in anything. He has not done any drugs in a year and seems to be getting a bit more stable. He also takes his medication, but he has no interests in anything at all! I attend NAMI meetings, they tell me that nothing is going to change until he is willing to.
Just give support and love, hopefully she will get there on her own time. Good luck!

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My son has taken guiter and is taking lessons. Hopefully he will continue. He use to play in bands and play the drums. He still has drums, but no longer plays them.
He also is looking for other hobbies but hasn’t found one yet. Any I suggest, he doesn’t want to try. So we are all in the same boat. Must be part of SZ and the medication. But otherwise he is doing good, as long as takes his medication.

My son likes music too, and art, but he gets interested in science now & then too.

He’s recently been talking about it enough that I think I’m going to get him a nice telescope for his birthday - as soon as I learn enough about the products to feel like I can pick one & the right accessories.

And, we have a science museum close enough by that we could visit anytime - they have a big dome theater that shows IMAX movies, so he said he wants to go to that too. He’s told me no a million times over the years, to the point I’d stopped asking. But, just the other day he said he’d love to go. Of course, he could back out of it as soon as we hit the parking lot, but I’m going to try it sometime soon.