Doesn't know what to do to occupy his time


My son gets bored but yet will not occupy his time. He only wants to lay in bed and do nothing. He does uses drugs (cocaine) and can’t stop. He likes to listen to music and to eat out. That is it.

What does your son or daughter do to occupy his or her time? Is this a symptom?

Need advice.


There was a time when my son listened to music for hours. I bought him new video game equipment and he finally started playing video games.

Can you stop your son’s access to money for the cocaine? Is that possible?


Are you sure he’s doing cocaine? I would think that would make him up and about all the time. My son lays around all the time too - but NOW I think he’s smoking k2 - fake pot! Which has side effects that are similar to sz. Lovely.


I agree that a cocaine habit will increase psychosis and he needs to stop if he wants to get better.
Is there a Local YMCA around. That would get him out to swim or work out.
Any form of exercise would be good.


DianeR, the person who invented that drug Spice died alone in a hotel room. IMO, Fake pot is worse than marijuana. Make him do some research and make sure he knows he is damaging his brain. They just don’t know what it does to the brain long term and it needs to be avoided. God bless.


I’d hate to say I’m glad about that (as my mother would not approve of talk like that : ) but who are these horrible people who make this! I’ve given him info. on it and have told him to stop - no more money for him until he does. He said he would. We’ll see how it goes.


Passing the time is a major issue. Our daughter passes the hours doing very little and sleeping a lot. She doesn’t smoke.

We continually make suggestions of things she could do to occupy her time, and eventually she’ll latch onto something, but she’ll make up her mind when to do that, and what to do. All we can do is try to help her find that spark.

This won’t work for everybody and for sure some people like to do nothing. I would ask myself, is my son/daughter smoking cocaine just to relieve boredom? If so, then I would devote all my time to encouraging them to find anything as an alternative.


Safe advice indeed. :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:


My son sleeps ALOT too. we have 3 different types of video games (systems) for him. sometimes this helps to occupy his time, but then again not always. He doesn’t do any drugs, other than his prescribed medication. He is bored. He wants to have friends, but at the same time he alienates them by the things he says and believes. It took almost a year to get to a place where he he can take his meds. I wish I could give him more of my time, but he also seems to hate me at times. The sleeping concerns me. he says his medication makes him tired. But yet there are times he will take off from the house for hours. He will sometimes call me to pick him up from where ever he walked to (because he’s tired). I wait at home worried that something has happened to him.


Welcome here. I can relate because like you my son doesn’t drive and I seem to be his current (and consistent) ride.

My son will head out on foot on our property but because we live in a farm hasn’t tried to walk to town yet. I don’t have to worry when he is on medication but a couple of time he left at dusk unmedicated. Once, I found him on the trail, totally naked.

Another time that he disappeared late in the night, I worried, my husband was in bed and couldn’t do anything. I turned on all the light in the downstairs, and all the outside lights and eventually he walked through the door. I thought if I created a light house he would see it and get the idea to come home. That was probably a year or two ago and j had t thought about it for awhile.

Having a place of his own next door has helped in a lot of ways. It’s just close enough that we can keep an eye out. It has also kept his night voyaging at a hat for the moment. But you never know…