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How do I help my son who I believe has schizophrenia

NAMI support groups and classes are available all across the country via Zoom. If your state doesn’t offer them, check out another State! I live in Georgia…, you can come to mine!

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Thanks Hope - I knew you’d help out here. Good to know NAMI is available on zoom.

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My apologies for delay in response. I truly appreciate you taking the time to respond to my post. I’m struggling to process all of the new information I’ve received over the past few days. I did get the book I’m not sick, I don’t need help. I won’t lie, I find it both helpful and terrifying all at the same time. I’ve not heard from my son in 2 days. The feeling of hopelessness is awful, my stomach is in knots. I’m trying to remain calm… I know I need to remember to take care of myself as well. I have ruled out drugs and to my knowledge there has not been a head injury. I will keep educating myself. I appreciate this forum. Many thanks!

Thank you for sharing your input. I am most grateful for all the wonderful people who are so kind and helpful.

I’m so sorry. Thank you for sharing your story. My heart breaks for you and I can completely understand why you are nervous for his release from prison. I’m sure it’s bittersweet. I will say a prayer for you. It’s so much to process that this is going to be a long difficult road. I appreciate all of you!

I don’t even have any words. You are a strong mother. I send you big love.

Thank you for reaching out and sharing more resources with me. Unfortunately, I do know what that means. My daughter was officially diagnosed with bipolar 2 years ago. She is also an addict. I have custody and am raising her 2 year old little boy. I’ve been down a long road with her already. I am also a social worker, which has put me in contact with many helpful resources. I truly hate HIPPA. I’m struggling to accept that two of my children have a serious mental illness. I really did not see this coming with my son. With my daughter, I just thought I was dealing with addiction for 10 years until she was officially diagnosed. I do not have much experience with mental illness. I will get the book you suggested. I want to educate myself and be able to help as much as possible. I appreciate you so much.
The roommate does not know much of anything. This is all fairly new and I’ve not reached out to many people as it turns my son away from me.

Many thanks for your suggestions and guidance. I do feel lost. I have begun educated myself and will continue to search for resources and knowledge of how to best support him. I’m terrified for him. Thank you for sharing.

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That is so helpful to know. I did check for my state and found that they do not have NIAMI groups. I was disappointed. I was not aware that I could attend virtually. This is so helpful. Thanks again!

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@Mikey oh my gosh, you have a lot going on. I spoke to my therapist about how to deal with not letting my son and his illness consume me (stomach in knots and not knowing what is happening). She (also has. sz loved one that she lives with) told me to evaluate the moment. i.e is everything ok right now. ie. I don’t have a police office at me door or calling me, nor my son calling me saying he’s in the hospital. So right now everything is ok. Don’t even look a few hours ahead. Of course in our case the not knowing is also very unsettling. Does your son need money. You could perhaps offer him some if he will contact you. We’ve used that one which worked. Or cigarettes or something that you could offer that he would want. We’re all here for you.


So devastating and feel helpless as everything they say is not factual but they truly believe it. I was also the only 1 my unofficially adopted son trusted for many years and then seemed like overnight he was accusing me of all sorts of things, like putting meds in his food, drink, spraying him as he walked by with meds and no matter what I said he insisted I was doing it and that I shouldnt lie about it cuz he knew… UGH… He also accuses me of working with the sheriff dept and FBI and that they are watching him 24/7 and the Dr. has planted a GPS in his ear. I have learned and also read Dr. Amador’s book to not argue with him, just listen and empathize. As the more you argue and try to tell the truth the more my son digs in his heels and insists it is true and then becomes angry and I am frustrated/hurt as it is painful to watch. I wish we had magic wand to change it in an instant as the MI is so cruel that people have to live like that. Keep researching/reading and being there for him but also have learned that strict boundaries are very nec. as with my son, he became very scary and was not sure what he would do next. Please stay safe and God Bless to all the caregivers and loved ones who are going thru this.

I Am Not Sick I Don’t Need Help: How to Help Someone with Mental Illness Accept Treatment: Xavier Amador: 9780967718927: Books

I hear you when you say you’re worried and scared. Six years ago my daughter 32 was showing signs of paranoia and very odd behavior/thinking. She moved to our area after being away since college so we noticed a stark difference with her manner of thinking, behaving and feeling… She also became hostile to her father and I, even though she and I were close before. Her behavior was very hurtful at times and she became violent if frustrated. We learned not to take anything she said personally. Difficult at best. She also did not think anything was wrong with her.
The last 6 years was an education on navigating the mental health system trying to find help. It is a process. She only started to seek help when I truly listened to her and found out how terrified and vulnerable she felt. It is difficult for a person who has this illness to accept there is anything wrong with them, I didn’t know at the time that she was also hearing voices. She was having difficulty sleeping so we discussed going to the local mental health facility to help with her insomnia That was only the first step. Eventually, after talking with mental health professionals, she started to have more insight and started taking medication.
Please find a NAMI group in your area. When I was going through this roller coaster with my daughter I found a support group that met every week. They were the life line my husband and I needed. The group was lead by advocates with a wealth of information and family members in various stages of their loved ones illness. We also joined a 12 week NAMI Family to Family education group. After 6 years my daughter is now getting the help she needs. I highly recommend getting the support you also need during this trying time. Mental health issues affect the whole family. My heart goes out to you and i want you to know there is help out there. As we say in NAMI, never give up hope.

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Hi, Sorry to hear about your son, recovery is possible but he needs to have self discipline, self control and give up the pot & cigarettes etc.

I’ve had a history of severe mental illness but managed to get better and no longer take any medication, work part time and enjoy my life with my girlfriend and look forward to the future. If your son would like some ideas on how to get better here’s a link to my short essay


Also I have a YouTube Channel where I air my views. Good Luck