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Need help with my son


My son has been known to go into people’s houses because he says he hears them yelling for help. Really scares me someone is going to hurt him thinking they r defending their home. Also he has put holes in my walls an torn down parts of our ceiling for the same reason because he hears people yelling for help. Anyone else have this?


I here someone calling my name over and over again, but not for help.


JUst curious @Anxiety_Orange what is like for you going thru this. I’m trying to understand what my son is going thru an what it’s like for him. I would think it would be pure he–.


Hear other beings calling to me too sometimes. I also believe I have the ability to tell the future and get frustrated when I’m trying to warn people but of course they don’t believe me. This would lead to crying and such. My brain tells me that bad consequences will come if I do not obey somethings sometimes… I hope your son gets better.


Thank you so much @tobio. I hope these things get better for you.


Thank you so much.


It’s probably a little different, as I am 43. I was misdiagnosed for almost 20 years with Social Anxiety Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I hid many of my symptoms for years. It wasn’t until this past June that I was given the diagnosis of Paranoid Schizophrenia. I didn’t know it at the time, but it was the correct diagnosis. While I did have some problems, I lived a fairly normal life before 30. I had friends, girlfriends, my own business, etc. That’s all gone now.

After 30, I went downhill. I have few friends, I don’t work anymore, and I have trouble doing basic tasks such as going out in public. The hallucinations have never been the problem, but the delusions have. It’s funny, if we ever met in person, you’d never know I have this.

I’m sure everyone has a different story. Mine has been a slow long grind of mental illness. Your son’s seems more acute.

I’m sure seeing someone you love go through this is probably just as bad as having to go through it yourself; maybe worse. I hope you are able to get him some help. Once again, it would be wonderful if you could get him on this forum. I think he would be able to relate to many of the younger people on this site.


That must be scary especially with how edgy people are these days. I regretffuly don’t have good advice other then before meds i would hear people yelling outside and i would always go to check it out and nobody would be there leaving me very confused and scared. From experience hearing voices like that is like hearing any normal voice. What ur son is going through is that they were as real as ur voice or my voice. I eventually got the point of just ignoring it but it still made me very anxious. Now im on the right med and that has gone away considerably. My thoughts are with ur son that he gets on the right combo of meds and therapy so he isn’t burdened by those voices


@Kazuma what medicine works for you? They did give him the shot of invega once but without insurance they won’t continue to give it to him. How can I get him to sign the Medicaid papers.


I don’t know how to get him to sign for medicaid papers he has to do it himself. But i take zyprexa and it works great for me. Everyones complaint is the weight gain but since i have a somewhat supernatural metabolism it doesn’t effect me too much. But meds work differently for everyone. It took about 40 other different meds from anti psychs to anti depressants to bipolar meds to finally find the right one. Meds are a long process but if ur son is willing he could start that process to healing


My advice for the papers would be to sit him down and have a talk with him and be loving and caring.


I’ve tried that. He says he don’t need it. But he does. He aggravates me sometimes an i yell at him but I can’t seem to make him understand how much he needs help. I know it’s not his fault an i don’t mean to but sometimes he just gets to me. I’m going thru alot also with all this. Trying to understand.


@Kazuma when I try talking to him he just goes off on something else that has nothing to do with what we are talking about its very hard trying to have a serious conversation with him.


Ur a loving caring mother and i can’t imagine what ur going through but be patient and keep talking to him about it. I wish i had better advice but im not a parent so its hard to give good advice. Maybe get creative too. Reward systems sometimes work.


I’m working on getting guardianship. So I can do these things for him. Right now I can’t do anything because he’s 22.


You have helped me more then you know. Thank you so much.


I dont want to act like an expert here, but this is a bit how my psychosis began. Started out hearing external voices, and didnt notice that I had a psychosis until they were talking to me 24/7. You gotta make him understand that it’s in him. Make him understand that it’s part of the subconscious (whatever that really is). Carl Jung wrote a lot about Psychosis. If you’re trying to understand for yourself, that’s where I would start. Jung’s archetypes pretty accurately describe the way my psychosis started out. Tricks, etc. Not sure about how it is for everyone else.

My advice though would be to get your son active socially. My psychosis started out not being 24/7, just external voices occasionally, but I kept isolating and now they’ve kicked in all day long. Sounds to me like it’s a code. Like the subconscious is asking for help or something.


If ur talking about me, thanks i try :slightly_smiling_face: And give urself a break too u seem stressed out and we sz’s aren’t the only ones suffering. U as a caretaker need to have ur own breaks as well. Be kind to urself and ur son and meditate (if thats ur thing) on options and solutions to better urself and ur son. Ull be ok, my thoughts go with u and ur son.


Have to get across fact it is bad joke and fake. Gonna have to ignore it, do video games, read, teach himself some computer work, art? He may feel better with gym membership or punching bag. Some of the part-time crazies may pester him but if you ignore it, they give you some room to do your thing as long as you ignore them. (Called thought broadcasting, these PT crazies do stalk people to harass them. Again considered delusional as mental care doesn’t like to discuss social stuff.)


My son also hears people calling or screaming for help. He also sees blood on people or on the walls, etc. and thinks people are bleeding. He’s never broken into anyone’s house before so I don’t really have any advice, I just thought I’d tell you your son’s not the only one. It’s tough.

Hang in there.