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How do I keep my family member busy during the day

I work all day and I’m struggling to keep up with my needs. I forget to eat/hydrate and some other basic daily routines because I’m working and taking care of my family member with schizophrenia.
I’m trying to focus on my post college career path and personal projects. I lost someone dear to the family too and it’s scary to (in so many ways) do all this alone.

It would help if my family member keeps busy during the day. I haven’t had the time to help them create a daily schedule for themselves. They can’t work bc it’s not possible for them to keep a job. They’ve been homeless for 20+ years and they ask me about the xyz jobs they’ve held and how they can get those jobs back. It’s extremely difficult for me to focus on my remote work and think about what they need to do/ find them something to do.

I’m hope to help them with the scehuele again, but I’m unsure what type of activities they can do all day that will keep them busy and active.
Some things they’ve done on there own:
-watch tv
-clean apartment areas
-navigate internet
-takes smoke breaks outside 3x a day.

Some things they’ve done with me/other family;
-most listed above.
-walks to park
-craft making

Anything helps! (especially activities that help for someone that looses their train of thought often/speaks to self/distracted)

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I like Clubhouse International because you go all day, and you have little jobs to do, plus classes on various subjects like reading and math. They also help you figure out how to get employment within your disabilities. Plus, there’s social activities. I’m really spoiled in that I live near a clubhouse. It really is good for the severely mentally ill


Thank you! I will look into that resource :slight_smile:

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Join a gym nearby perhaps ? it releases stress , if not video work outs at home ?

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Would suggest something like gardening, but it sounds as if you don’t have outdoor space.

What about doing crossword puzzles (all levels are available), jigsaw puzzles, or playing games online? Listening to e-books, or, for that matter, reading books? My experience has been that librarians are only too happy to help with book selections if they know your interests.

Can they grocery shop for you?

If they are tolerant of animals, what about dog-walking?

If they shared a home with me, I’d probably want them to use nicotine gum rather than cigarettes, as well, to avoid secondhand toxins from the smoke.

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I’ve read great things about Clubhouses! Unfortunately the closest one to us is 4 hours away.


That’s too bad. It’s very helpful.

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I’m having the same issue, keeping my 19y/o son w/sz busy during the day. In our city I’ve searched for Early Psychosis Programs but unfortunately only one is close to us and there is a waitlist.
We have puzzles, books, pets to keep him busy, he likes to prep his own meals but his main complaint is that he is bored all the time. He wants to work but he cannot keep a job, he applies to jobs but never makes it to the interviews. I really wish there was other programs available to us!

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How about volunteer work?
Maybe at an animal shelter walking dogs etc.