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Losing focus not staying on task

My neighbor has Schizophrenia. He works part time for in home assisted care company. Does normal choirs, vacuum,wash dishes, clean. You get the idea. He only works 6 hours per week. He is working for my disabled tenant. Most of the time he needs a little guidance on what to do and how to complete the task. Sometimes he try’s to go so fast that he misses stuff and has to be told to redo a task.
From what I have read this seems to be a normal behavior from someone who has Schizophrenia. What would be the best way to help him slow down a little? And stay on task better.
I know he takes medication and it helps him a lot. I have lived next door since he was born, so I have seen the progression over the years. Unfortunately his family has some of the same problems with mental health and are just hanging on with the Covid19 and being furlough from work.
Thank you.

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CBT (cognitive behavior therapy) would likely help him. He will likely always have trouble with focus. I know I still have issues even though I’ve been successful in white collar jobs for years.

Occupational Therapy may help too. Many people think that OT is only for physical issues, but practitioners can also help with cognitive issues. I’ve served as a mock patient for students training for this sort of thing.

I sometimes use checklists and so called mind-maps which help me. People sometimes ask me if I’m ‘right or left brained’ and it’s actually both. I often work on many things at once, but then patch things together in sequence afterwards.

Thank you for your help with this. Now I have some idea where to start.
He is my neighbor, I will mention it to him and see what happens I’m not sure if he will listen but it’s sure worth a try.

No problem. It’s sometimes hard to find such services. He may have a social worker or case manager who may help with referrals. If you are in the US he may get help through the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)

I was going to suggest the same as @Maggotbranen the checklist idea. My Sz son is 36 now and still relies on checklists for everything. It helps him a great deal.

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