How do u help ur loved one about taking meds

My cousin recently moved in and it took him weeks to admit to us that he is schizophrenic. So now he will talk to the voices infront of us but that isnt what really worrys me . it is when his voice changes and he doesnt know who i am and gets very emotional and once mentioning about hurting himself . i know this may sound bad but i almost call to get him help but i was so scared of would he hate me ? Would he feel that i didnt love him and i was only doing this to hurt him ? I am new with this and i love my cousin and want to help him please give me some helpful advise to help .


@sharee My humble opinion as the mom/caretaker of my 32 year old schizophrenic son is that we cannot worry about whether our loved one “hates” us or not-we just have to go ahead and do the right thing for them when they cannot. By the very nature of the illness there is an entire spectrum of irrational emotions that can be on display at any given time-sometimes even on medication. My son does very well on Clozaril most of the time, but every once in awhile he just ‘out of the blue’ will yell that he hates me, he wants to move out and never he wants to see me again (and we live together) The first couple of times I was so shocked and upset I burst into tears which made matters so much worse by stressing both of us out. Over time and with more education on the disease itself, I came to realize that these outbursts are symptoms and not meant as personal as they feel. Now I know I need to not negatively react, give him some space and stay calm and it will pass. The next day or so all is well, I get a big hug and it seems he doesn’t even remember the outburst or remembers it in a much different way than I do. When my son regains his sanity though, he always remembers he loves me, but…even if he didn’t I know that I love him unconditionally and he needs his medicine more than I need him to love me. :sunflower:


Has he been diagnosed formally?

Here is the best type of place to get him help:

Here is how you should work with him when he’s psychotic:

First Aid for Psychosis:

Get him help as quickly as possible - and help usually means both medicine and therapy.