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Helping my Boyfriend with sz

Hi. My boyfriend and I recently broke up because i felt disconnected from him and he said he couldn’t do anything about it. I later found out that it is because of him being schizophrenic and him having a rough past. I feel awful and I want to help him because I know he doesn’t have anyone that will. He thinks so negatively about himself and I just want to know what I can do and what I can learn. I want him to be happy. This is killing me. He says it is too late for me to help him but I know that’s not true. I care about him too much to just not do anything.

Being with someone with schizophrenia is a rough journey and not for the faint of heart. It means that sometimes you’re a friend, girlfriend, a therapist, or a caretaker to them. Ask him to communicate with you and ask him about his condition, what’s it like for him and all of that. Get informed on what is schizophrenia, treatment options, and the symptoms in case he ever relapses or needs help. If you know his family, ask them about his disease and if they can help you out in any way. I’ve had to get in contact with my fiancé’s family and friends several times to prevent him from committing suicide in the past or finding out about him and how I can help him because they aren’t always very communicative or often tend to omit information because they’re ashamed of their illness and their actions in the past, including their thoughts and their feelings. If you love him and are willing to stay and be all of that for him, you should tell him that you’ll love him no matter what and that you can get through it together. Encourage him to see a psychiatrist and go the therapy, it’s very helpful. Some patients refuse medications, but if you search around you’ll find that there are natural supplements that may help with the symptoms if he’s willing to take them. Some include L-Theanine, Glycine (this is a hit or miss from what I’ve read and may actually negatively interact and minimize the effects of other medications), Sarcosine, Fish Oil (which contains Omega-3), Vitamin B-12 (Cobalamin), and Vitamin B-3 (Niacin). There’s also Ionic Lithium, which you can buy on Amazon, and it is said to have helped with stress and mood swings. It won’t be as effective as the Lithium sent to schizophrenics and patients with bipolar disorder, but a lot of people say they’ve seen improvement in their family members and friends taking it.

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