How do we get better at living with having a child with schizophrenia


@Holly I feel your pain. My daughter throws away anything that doesn’t appeal to her, since her illness began: an old repainted bicycle built for two that was a garden decoration, old (and new) cell phones, books, and especially her clothing (that I bought for her). I wouldn’t really plan on buying a lot of “things” for your daughter. You have done so much for her already, and she may never realize or appreciate what you have already spent thousands on. Just my suggestion: I only buy art supplies for my daughter. She keeps some and uses them, and throws the rest away. I buy them at flea markets or dollar stores for less than $10. My daughter used to love to do art pre illness. I’ve also taken her to movies or live shows, which she always loved, and oddly enough she controls acting weird in those environments for a few hours, then comes home and slides back into psychosis for a few hours. Besides “life supplies”, these are my only outlays on her now, as gifts.


Hi Holly,

Welcome to the forum. Really hoping that your daughter will be able to full return to her former life once she is more established on the meds, some people with scz on meds do fully return to their prior lives.

So glad you know that managing stress is a big part going forward. You sound like a wonderful support for your daughter.


Thank you both for your kind words. She is about to lose her “right” to live in her present home when her daughter’s graduate from school this year. The house is in her ex-husband’s name. I was shocked to see that his anger toward her, some dieserved no doubt due to her past behavior, has made him almost abusive, rather antagonistic, verbally. He seems to think he can move her out and move in with his girlfriend and her family to give his grown daughters a better life. Unfortunately for him, her family knows he cannot move in without a court order; and he has lost his children’s respect so they prefer to support their mom. She is also not aggressive or really unpleasant to be around at this point, other than being very impatient and paranoid, so that helps. As for spending tons of money on her, other than groceries, I cannot and do not buy her things as I am on a fixed income. I was just hoping to find very inexpensive gifts that she may find enjoyable. Since everyone is different I guess there is no easy answer. Thanks again for your time and kind words! I do not want to rely on my family for support at this time when they are all young and equally traumatized.