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How has your family member responded to latuda?

My wife tried it over 2 years ago but had a few nightmares and anxiety so quit. I think it was activating. She’s reading people get clearer thoughts. She has disorganized thinking and memory issues. So was wondering how its helped in that dept

My psychiatrist says it doesn’t cause anxiety. However, I do feel I was more anxious on it. It is a good drug but not a very strong one for schizophrenia symptoms. I do think it affects cognitive abilities less than some other anti-psychotics.

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It gave my wife anxiety before

your psych is 100% wrong and shouldn’t be telling anyone that. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT.

I wouldn’t say 100% wrong. While it’s the last item on a long list of possible side-effects it is not a prominent side effect, just a couple percentage points above placebo. The effect is rare enough that it’s omitted from various online compendiums of RX side-effects.

Transient anxiety is common with SZ. Early on in treatment I would often have anxiety especially when I thought I might have forgotten a dose, and I’d sometimes would rush home from work to take half a dose to be sure. Hallucinations and delusions also lead to reactive anxiety.

I don’t mean to minimize your wife’s concerns, but I’d take such complaints with a grain of salt. People with active SZ aren’t particularly well known for their scrupulous objectivity toward cause and effect. Why ask for opinions of drugs if your premise is everyone is different?

My psychiatrist is right. He is one of the best psychiatrist in the world. I have recovered immensely from him. If you actually believe everyone is different, you shouldn’t keep on asking how other people are doing on specific drugs. It is as if you believe the efficacy or effects of the drug will change based on other people’s opinion lol.