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Invega a nightmare? Lobotomy? Ruin your life?

My wife and I have been reading such terrible things about this medication. Suicidal Thoughts that are constant, agonizing depression to where you can’t even get out of bed, nightmares oh, that it’s a chemical lobotomy let you lose your thoughts, extensive memory loss, you name it. It has such a bad reputation and I’ve seen very little good post about it. Can anyone tell me how their family members are doing on this drug? Did it make them decline mentally as far as cognitively? My wife already has suicidal ideation with lots of memory issues so we both are terrified of what she just went through by getting a shot of it which last 30 days. She got the shot because she is not too compliant.

Other people’s experiences won’t apply to your wife. It might be a miracle drug for your life, who knows. Reading horror stories won’t help with anything.


Agree with @Lirik, you never know which drug will work as far as symptoms go, and going in with a negative attitude about a drug and drugs in general is rarely helpful.

Read the drug information sheets looking carefully and look at percentages of reported side-effects, they are far more scientific and less biased than anecdotal caregiver and diagnosed opinions. They report all info in the studies, just because one person out of thousands in a trial reports something, doesn’t mean it wasn’t a delusion, and even if a side-effect isn’t imagined or is measurable, it doesn’t mean everyone who takes a drug experiences it.

Keep an open mind, and give it a chance. Don’t give up before you even try.

Rush, would you be willing to describe your own observations (I apologize if it’s repetitive for you) and if or what other meds and what those responses were? Medications will always work differently for every single body, but I AM curious if she wasn’t willing, what other meds had what kinds of responses, in your own observation/ experience?