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How to deal with a schizophrenic mother?

I have a mother that has schizophrenia symptoms. She refuses to seek help. I had her committed in 2009 and my grandmother had her committed in the early 1990s and it hasnt done any good at all. I dont know what to do about how to get her professional help. My two older sisters dont help me with her. She was abusive to me as a child too. I need to learn how to develop patience with her. I have bipolar myself and have a short fuse. She can really piss me off at times!!!


My situation was and is exactly like yours just a few years down the road- I’m 34.

Thank you for being so bold and clear here. You’re a smart and beautiful young lady.

My answer is SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT. Find your support group. This could be a formal support group, friends etc. and TALK. Have a therapist that will turn into your best friend. Make that relationship the rock that you’ve been missing.

You will always be the mother to yourself that you long for. No one can care for you the way you know how.

Wake up every morning and say thank you.

Also- mother’s day is very hard for me. Th superficial relationship that I have with my mother becomes very evident and glaring.

My mother does not have my address, but I will be opting a P.O. Box for my birthday month only for her to send whatever she wants. That small window is the result of not being a better person than the abusive parent I will never forget.

Deeds - good or bad- add up. We are only human.

Love to you.