How to Find Best Doctors for Schizophrenia?


What my child needs is a Doc skilled in treating this. The hospital has already put a medical hold on my child even when they were not asking to leave. Next hearing is for a full commitment. My child should have a choice to see another Doc skilled in Shizo affective disorder to see if they can effect better treatment. The Doc in the Medical Hold hearing admitted he doesn’t know why she isn’t responding to treatment and said clearly I have no idea why she is talking sometimes and not others". That is part of the psychosis, we know that already, and know that his treatments and tactics are scaring her and his treatment ineffectual. My child is now said they are afraid of the doctors there as a consequence of ruing to court to take their medical rights away.


I know when my son had multiple hospitalizations, they assigned new doctors each time. I also think they consult with other doctors there. You are going through some awful times but it will get better. Try to take care of yourself too. Your child knows you love them.

I understand the frustration and fear especially in the beginning. It’s almost like it’s too much to process and unfamiliar at the same time. You all will get through this.