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How to Get the Best Care for Your Family Member, with Good Scientific Research

For people who have any interest in the science of the newer or developing treatments that are becoming available for schizophrenia and related disorders, I encourage you to use these resources on the Internet that are now available so that you can discuss these options with your doctors - just as one family member has recently done and posted about it regarding getting her sister on the drug Minocycline to great benefit.

To get the information and the actual research papers (the full scientific papers) just search on the topic that is of interest to you (for example) “minocycline schizophrenia” on the web site that hosts all the government funded research (and the largest reposititory of this research in the world): the website:

Then copy the DIO code from the BOTTOM of the Pubmed article summary as shown here:

and Paste it into the search box at the Sci-hub website that is here:

From the Sci-hub website you have access to almost all the world’s research for free.

More information on Sci-hub is here: