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What I found during research that may help others - Minocycline

My sister Colleen was once an outstanding student, athlete…she was outgoing, fun, energetic, and about to graduate from high school in North Dakota . Then one night in March of 1980, she came into my bedroom at about 2AM and said that there was someone outside her window. That night changed our lives forever. She has never been the same, and neither has our family. My sister is now 53 years old and has the worst of the worst cases of paranoid schizophrenia, a life being terrorized by voices that say unspeakable things, delusions, and paranoia…and the only solution thus far have been drugs that have ravaged her body and made her feel like a zombie. Often times, schizophrenia can get better over time…not my sisters. She has tried to commit suicide multiple times over the years, she has been admitted to psych wards and the ND State Hospital more times than I can count over the years. The stress of my sister’s illness literally killed my Mother (heart attack, then stroke about a month later which took her). After my Mom died, I took over duties of trying to help my sister as much as I can. She struggles with staying on her meds due to the side effects, but she is on court-ordered injections, plus they bring her meds every day. She still has found ways to not swallow them, then things usually get bad and her paranoia worsens, as do the voices which haunt her.

For the first time in 36 years, I have hope for my sister! If you have any family members who have any mental illnesses, please read the articles below (I have included links). THIS IS HUGE NEWS FOR THOSE WHO ARE MENTALLY ILL! I have been reading all kinds of research lately, and have come to realize that many mental illnesses are caused by infections, bacteria, and sometimes parasites that get into the brain and cause the symptoms of schizophrenia, and some of them can be cured! Schizophrenia often times gets better when people take Minocycline (an inexpensive antibitotic/Tetracycline drug which penetrates the blood-brain wall)…which tells me my sister’s brain has an infection! I even figured out how she was infected! When my Mom had heart surgery after her heart attack one month before she passed away, she had to have a triple bypass, plus have her heart valve replaced. The doctors informed us after her heart surgery that she must have had Rheumatic Fever at some time in her life (caused by untreated strep throat infection), which caused the damage to her heart. I now suspect that this infection was likely passed in utero to my sister…which eventually reached her brain, causing a “perpetual infection” in her brain, but which can be treated with Minocycline. I am going to move mountains to try getting her doctor to put her on Minocycline. This drug has been tested throughout the world, and is even being tested right now, and it often times makes many people with schizophrenia much, much better. It is game changing for many people who are afflicted with mental illness and these new treatments should be explored for every patient by every doctor in the world. After reading this, we should also do tests to determine some of the possible infections/bacteria/viruses/lyme disease/urinary tract infections… that can also cause sudden mental breaks and sudden onset mental illness like my sisters. The mentally ill deserve to get out of the living hell they are living in. It’s plain to see that many “mental illnesses” are caused by infections/viruses/bacteria and are curable. After reading these articles, I am going to take my sister Colleen to have her blood tested to make sure she isn’t one of the 50% who have “Toxoplasmosis Gondi” which is one of several infectious agents that cause many cases of schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder, which is treatable. Another thing to be tested for is “Cytomegalovirus” and if she tests positive for that, she will need 8 weeks of anti-viral drug “Valacylovir”. She should also be checked for Borna Disease Virus (BDV) and if she has that, she needs a drug called Amantadine which greatly help her schizophrenic symptoms. Since I just found this blog, I can only post two links, but if anyone wants more informative articles, I can hopefully post more links later or get them to you. What do you think about this?


I have never heard or read anything like this. I definitely want to look into this (feeling hopeful)! Thank you for your post and good luck to you and your family. :relaxed:

Thank you…all the best to you and your daughter as well! Here’s a new article I found last night:)

Here’s another one. This is huge.

We cover this here, on our web site:

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More information on the many causes (contributing factors) to schizophrenia here, and how to avoid :

I read about this in E. Torreys’ book “Surviving Schizophrenia”. I have asked the hospitals and psych facilities and psychiatrists to do these tests with no success. My daughter was an adult when she was first diagnosed and getting any information from her doctors has been afight all the way. After reading this I am ready to fight again. I would be very interested to hear about what happens with your sister. I wish you and your sister all the best. Thank you for sharing.


Thank you kim1161 It is unthinkable that, with the current research that’s out there, that every single person with a mental illness, is not sent to see an Infectious Disease Specialist. There are multiple ones in every big city. We must demand this. I am going with my sister to see her Psychiatrist this coming Thursday in Fargo, ND where she lives. I have sent her (my sister’s psychiatrist, who has been practicing for 30+ years, the links to the articles I found, and she is open to testing my sister for some of these things. I am going to see if first, she will immediately get my sister started on a daily dose of Minocycline, and get her into an Infectious Disease Physician in Fargo as well. I am also going to become my sister’s Medical Power of Attorney, so I can be more involved with her treatment, and stay informed on the meds/treatments she receives in the future. I have made it my mission to do everything I can to get her some sense of happiness and peace back in her life. Will keep you posted!


SzAdmin, thank you for this link. Good Reading.

Kim1161, if your psychiatrist REFUSES to refer her to an infectious disease specialist, that is horrible. You should find another doctor, even her general practitioner, that will refer your daughter, to an Infectious Disease Specialist, who will perform the tests she needs. Just show them the latest research articles that show that many mental health issues are caused by infection, bacteria, viruses, and parasites…these issues need to be ruled out BEFORE we subject our loved ones to a life of anti-psychotic drugs, shock treatments, which don’t cure the problem.

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To be fair to the psychiatrist - the infections, bacteria, viruses, and parasites… are what the the research is showing the Mother has during pregnancy that increases the risk of psychosis / schizophrenia - from the research I’ve seen. Its not the person who has schizophrenia / psychosis who has these infections / parasites, etc. - though there is early research (and i emphasize “early” because its only a couple of early studies) that shows that minoscycline might be helpful.

Links below:


Yes I feel the same way which is why I have been talking to my local state representative. Things in this country need to change and drastically if we are going to get our lives ones the care that they need and deserve!!! I wish you and your sister all the best and pray that you both get the results that will improve your lives for the better. I will continue the fight here in Massachusetts. I look forward to hearing how things work out. You will both be in my thoughts and prayers. Best wishes,

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Kim1161 My sister has been plagued by the worst of the worst schizophrenia since she was 18. 35 years later, I finally have some hope that she will have some peace. I just returned from a 3 day trip to go with her to her psychiatrist and to her blood work appointments. I was able to get my sister’s psychiatrist to order all the blood tests that I wanted my sister to have AND SHE PRESCRIBED THE MINOCYCLINE for her! When she said that she would try it, I just started crying I was so relieved to just have hope again. Before I accompanied my sister to this doctors appointment (which I had NEVER done before), I had emailed her a treasure trove of information/proof how minocycline has been helping many people with schizophrenia all over the world…there is SO much proof out there that it really helps. I made it clear that I was going to take my sister wherever I needed to, to get her on this antibiotic. Today was her 2nd day on the minocycline. I should know within a couple weeks if it helps her.

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How do you get a Medical Power Of Attorney? Do you print the papers off the Internet or go through a court?


:blush: Hello I am so happy for you and your sister. I can’t wait to hear the results!!! You have been such a great advocate for your sister and given hope to me. Thank you for keeping me in the loop!! Best wishes.

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I am happy that you are happy, but I wouldn’t pin too many hopes on this “cure”. There has been research into how infectious agents may be implicated in triggering schizophrenia (and other genetic tendencies like Type 1 diabetes) , and there has been some research which showed TEMPORARY relief in sz from the use of antibiotics. This is probably because the antibiotic reduces inflammation in the brain which may be present in some people when they are having an episode.

But the fact is that once schizophrenia has been triggered by some kind of “insult” to the system, there is no evidence of cure once a person has had more than one psychotic episode. there are people with sz on here who have talked about temporary improvements on antibiotics, but they are temporary.

But your sister could probably do much better if she engaged with treatment and worked with a psychiatrist who could find a treatment combination that works for her. So even a temporary respite may help to get her into treatment and to form a relationship with a pysch doctor.

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great idea but these big drug companies make a huge amount of money turning people into zombies and keeping them that way they make billions every year and thats just the drug companies think of all the supportive services for mentally ill people the residential care homes that exc all part of the mental illness business and getting rich off of it they would all fight it tooth and nail to keep all this going forever if at all possible (the discovery was made almost 10 years ago and that article was from 2012 so why isnt everyone being tested and why are we hearing about this on an internet board for family members and not from our loved ones psychiatrist ?) not saying that im not willing to fight for a better system im just saying thats the reality drug companies make a huge amount of money and are motivated by money moms are motivated by love and challenging anything its good to be aware of what family members are up against …

psychiatrists are also dependent of maintaining mental illness not finding a cure for it that affects their jobs and their future im sure buggy makers hated the invention of the car so maintaining things just as they are is in their best interest so going to a family medical doctor with this and getting them to refer for further testing for it would be much more successful i think . also work to change legislation so that testing is the first thing thats done and medication is the last resort not the first resort as it is now people having mental problems physical testing are not even done they just get put on the meds immediately and are thrown into the mental illness maintainence industry , i for one wouldnt mind making sure the hoofbeats arent a zebra regardless of who it inconveniences and even if it goes against the established system of doing things :slight_smile:


My sister IS and has been working with her psychiatrists since she was 18 years old. She has also been doing much, much better as a result of the minocycline. It sounds like you are in likely in the psychiatric profession, which is fine. My sister psychiatrist is more than a little surprised by her improvement. She has been on the minocycline 3 1/2 weeks so far (100 mg/day for one week, 200/mg a day for 2 1/2 weeks) so far.

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My sister is doing WAY BETTER since being on the minocycline. (she has been on it for 3 1/2 weeks now and her delusions and voices are much better). Even her psychiatrist is surprised. They have even lowered her clozaril dose from 600 mg to 200 mg./day, and she is still doing much much better. She said the voices are quieter and she is able to function so much better. Hope it helps others, but we must ask the psychiatrists for it for our loved ones and show them all the evidence that it is working. it’s not a cure…but is to be taken along with the antipsychotic (best with clozaril for my sister). She finally is getting some quality of life back.

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Great to hear - thanks for updating us!

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