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How to handle religious beliefs

One of my son’s delusions was that he believed
he was Jesus. He now denies that he ever believed that but we know that he did. He now says things such as that he doesn’t believe in the bible, etc which I believe may partially be out of embarrassment and to further contradict his past delusion. Though we haven’t belonged to a church in several years, we are Christian and have a prayerful relationship with God. I avoid bringing up religion to and around him for obvious reasons but I am worried about our son’s salvation, especially when he makes remarks that seemingly means he is rejecting God. How does this work in this situation? I don’t want to do or say anything that could spark any religious delusions back up. I guess I can only hope God knows he has this illness and gives him grace.

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I believe that God knows my son has this illness, gives him grace and holds him close.


Christ descended below all things, even hell to overcome everything so he understands every pain, every temptation and every illness. He has mercy for all and he knows in this with your son he’s not accountable.
I go through the same with my son and after getting a few times on the issue of Christ to the point I’ve felt my blood boiling I learned to ‘just not go there’!

It’s hard to see how their brains process info and on the other hand you have disagreements with ‘normal’ people too.

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Thank you all for the reminder that our loved ones are not accountable due to this illness. I knew this but I guess I needed the reminder that when he says somewhat blasphemous things it is me that is bothered by it, God gets it.


I need reminders constantly; right now my mind is kind of ‘still or frozen’, it seems like I don’t think clearly since we’re on another ugly psicotic round!
My heart :heart: is out to you.

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I totally get the still/frozen thing. We try so hard to fix what’s happening in those moments that we, or at least I become an emotional shell of myself. I think I’ve turned off all emotion so I don’t have to actually feel what is happening to him which is starting to effect my other relationships. It sounds weird but in some ways it feels like truly accepting he has SZ is literally too hard to accept. My heart goes out to you as well!

We have so much in common. Today has not been a good day, he started to blurt out nasty remarks especially against his father; when he’s medicated they’re the best of friends without them he’s enemy #1!
I’ve been searching our options.
Definitely I know the relationships affect the entire family, our son is the oldest of five and sometimes the others are resentful, he has cussed them out and have taken it personally, but the others are adults by now struggling with their own children and are a bit more understanding.
I have to remind myself it’s the illness talking but still it’s hard and we have to think safety first.

My thoughts are with you!
Take care.

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@Cat_Nip - My son believed he was Jesus there for a while too. Another time he was one of the twelve apostles.

I can’t add more to what has already been said, but just want to agree that God knows us and our loved ones intimately. He understands exactly what is going on inside their heads when we don’t have a clue. I just have to trust God that his desire really is that all would be saved and none would perish - if this is really true, then he will not give up on my son and he won’t give up on yours either.

Damn this horrible disease!

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