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I am at a loss and do not know what to do

Court order through ACT, if he qualifies. Then they will
monitor his treatments, therapy and meds. The once a month shot, is better then not knowing if he is taking his meds.

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My son was under a Public Guardian ( public Conservatorship)

in California for about 2 and 1/2 years.I am also his Guardian in the state of Arkansas.
He is living with me now in Arkansas.

you do not have to do a Public Conservatorship for your son.

I am not sure how you can become his Guardian in California. Consult with a Lawyer!

Good luck.

Thank Julie for providing me with good information. the outpatient care if failing for my son if I do not take an action. He wants to control the meds and reduce them until he eventually stops taking it and go downhill and eventually needs Hospitalization.
What a Life!! .

I had to drop my son from my private insurance because the hospital charges were running very high and they did not want him anymore to stay in hospitals. when he was conserved by a Public guardian, his public conservator asked me to drop off the private insurance so he can qualify for Medical and Medicare.
my Son is now on Medicare and Medical and we do not pay anything for medicine or doctor visits or hospitalization.
if you have power of attorney on your son, make sure you specify in the POA that you are to make medical and financial decisions for him. POA helps in California… similar to Gaurdianship.

you are in my thoughts…my heart aches for you… my 18 y//o son is in a downward spiral and i feel so alone and anxious. Try to find even a few moments to yourself. with love, chrissy


I hope you also find time for yourself, @Chrissydawn. At 18 my son also was in a downward spiral. Little did we know what lay ahead. He’s 27 now and stable, on meds. We still don’t know what lies ahead, but I’m thankful for every day he’s ok. I’ve also found time for myself, in music and art, and in the garden.

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