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Crisis hospitals that keep him longer than two weeks

I’m wondering if anyone knows of any hospitals or behavior centers in the US that will keep my son longer than two weeks. The problem is they discharge him after two weeks and we’re in the same dilemma right after. His psychosis is just as bad, and he won’t take medication. Where is there a facility that he can stay at long term and they’re also a warm and caring tacitly? He’s not a danger to himself or others, but he still needs help! He is delusional, confused, and hears voices all day long. Thank you for any advice you can offer

I wish I had an answer to this. We had the same problem with our son. I would beg the hospitals to keep him longer but they wouldn’t. They let him leave just as ill as when he arrived. At one point we wouldn’t allow him back to our home because he was refusing to take medication. We thought since he had no address to be released to they would keep him until he would agree to medication. Nope, they put him on a bus and brought him back here (4 hours away) and let him out on the street where he lived for several weeks. As painful as it was we held firm that he would have to remain homeless unless he agreed to a monthly injection (haldol deconate) and thank God he did. That first injection cleared his thinking pretty quickly and he has been on it ever since. (His first shot was March of this year) He’s not the same as he was prior to this terrible illness but he light-years away from where he was during psychosis and is now able to live with us at home. Please try to get your son to agree to a monthly injection. I know first hand how difficult convincing him will be as I never thought our son would agree to it. There is hope.

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Thank you for your response. I’m glad your son is getting the injection, and it is giving him stability. My son refuses all medication. No matter how much I tell him meds will help him take the voices away. He just refuses. He will not accept his illness. He’s stuck in psychosis and most days he doesn’t talk. I pray he will get an injection someday and the fog lifts. I just can’t believe these crisis hospitals let them leave the same way they were admitted. What the heck was I paying for? It’s a revolving door and is so frustrating.

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It is a revolving door! Thankfully, my son takes his meds even though they aren’t working! I feel bad that he has to live this way all day all night long. I am constantly looking for that safe place where he can live. I keep seeing this once a month injection helping others and am wondering why it isn’t offered from his psychiatrist? My son is taking, at great cost to us, 5 different meds. Every time I ask about the injection, she never answers me. Maybe cuz it would mean she would have to see him in person? I want him out of my house cuz he makes it a living hell. I don’t think the crisis hospitals are equipped or funded enough to really deal with our situations. Hopefully, soon more light will be shed on this terrible disease and our government will realize how much REAL help is desperately needed!

It is so sad to watch him paralyzed in fear and delusional thinking and do nothing to help himself. This has been going on for years. I cannot do anything either. He doesn’t listen to me. I don’t know if he just does not understand what’s happening. He won’t even go to talk to a therapist. He won’t talk about anything. Where did your son get his injection, if not his psychiatrist? Im so sorry to hear his meds aren’t working. They say to keep trying new ones until you find one. But I’ve also read meds don’t work in 30% of patients! At least your son is trying, that’s a good thing.

I’m so sorry you are struggling with this but I have come to realize that the system is so broken it is hard to offer advice. It seems some states have better options for longer care and real concern. I just tried to get my daughter help in CA and come right up against the revolving door system there. It seems to be about money. Not enough beds, who’s going to pay for that longer care? hospital budgets issues because they are businesses. Psychiatrists who never have to deal face to face with a family member in crisis - just write prescriptions from behind a desk. I’m very jaded now after 2 1/2 months wrestling with trying to get my daughter help having located her after she’d been missing for two years.
Sorry to vent - you don’t need this.

I have also had this issue- if your son has a dual diagnosis with alcohol or pot- I have had up to 90 days mostly paid by insurance. That has happened 2xs so far