Completely lost what to do

My son stopped taking all his meds including his injectable. He won’t see his doctor nor anyone else concerning his illness. A downward spiral has finally reached the worse possible condition I think of his illness. Verbally abusive, ranting and raving at his voices, no sleep for 4 days at a time, he has become a very scary person who I don’t know anymore. It started slowly but in the last 4 months he has punched holes in our walls, broke the garage door causing 950.00 dollars of damage to replace, kicked in my bedroom door, tried to hurt my little dog because he barks at him now. The dog senses his mood changes and will not go near him so my son tried to strangle him to shut him up,walks around in the neighborhood in his boxers just to name a few things. I had to call the police several times since my 98 year old father and I have become scared of him. ! One week ago he said I needed to die because I am not his real mom/ He isn’t allowed to drive due to his illness but after threatening to kill us, he basically stole our car. Grabbing the keys forcefully from me and swinging the key ring as hard as he could at me and injuring my thigh with cuts and bruises he took off. Police were called again for theft and injury. I felt it was important to get him off the streets in his condition. The next morning the Reno police called-we are in Rosevillle CA- and told me he was stable with injuries but the car was totaled.I had to purchase a car to drive the 2-3 hour drive to see him. He believes I caused the accident, told me to leave and again I am not his real mother so never come back. After 3 days of again his verbal abuse, I managed to get him on an involuntary admission in Nevada., I don’t know now what to do. He can’t come home in his untreated condition. He set his bedroom on fire then set the backyard on fire later the same day. I am scared he will kill me. I don’t know the laws for an interstate involuntary hold and can’t reach the people I need to talk too to get answers. Has anyone experienced this and if so what are my options? I love my son but untreated he has become a monster full of hate.
Thanks for listening


He needs some long term inpatient help, I would tell the cops I wish to press charges for the offenses if they only hold him a few days or a week. They will try to put it all off on you and release him is my guess.


Fire starting, verbal threats, animal abuse…it certainly sounds as if he meets the criteria fir involuntary commitment. Please contact your local police and ask for crisis intervention team police to come. They can probably take him to the ER or wherever the complete the evaluations. Before he hurts someone or himself.


Look up MIW, Mental Inquest Warrant in your county and tell them what you just told us. Do it now and every time he is a danger to himself or others.
If you call police they press charges normally so an MIW will get the help they need.

Hello, I’m so sorry this is happening.

Make sure any treatment center knows he is not allowed to come home unless completely stable for at least a month; possibly, when stable, he could go to a halfway house or group home for a number of months until everyone feels safe again.

Danger to self and others is present. I have no idea about interstate hospital transfers and will be interested to know what information you find.

I hope everything goes as well as possible.


I’m so sorry about what you’re going through. It’s the scariest, saddest thing ever, isn’t it? I will tell you as briefly as possible what happened to us and our son. At 23 he lived in Oregon when his psychosis started. It became very, very bad. Ended up in the woods in slippers and a coat. No phone, no money, no food, no water. After missing for 3 days we put out a missing persons on him and went looking for him (or his body.) He walked back to the house he was living at after 5 days. Hadn’t eaten but found a drinking fountain at a state park. He looked like a skeleton (he was thin when he left). Agreed to be evaluated and they took him to a psychiatric ward. From there I worked fast and hard to talk to his doctor, counselors, a court-appointed legal person of some sort, and they got the Judge on the phone and told him what I told them: If you let him out, he will die. “He will NEVER go to a missionary or go around any people for food or shelter. He’s afraid of people. He will head to the woods and he will die. He IS a threat to himself and others. If you don’t hold him it will be on you.” They agreed to send him to a more permanent hospital for six months. You will have to be very firm about “he very likely will kill himself or someone else.”

My son is stable now and living with us. He’s on injections and is medicine compliant. Again, I’m so sorry. Just say whatever you need to as this may be what saves him. I’m not sure how old he is, but again, my son was 23 at the time and I was able to talk to them. This was a year and a half ago. I feel great about his progress but I still know how quickly this can/will spiral if he starts refusing meds again. He did and said so many awful things when he was psychotic, so I am really feeling your pain and I do understand the fear.

Please let us know how he’s doing and keep yourselves safe. ~~ Hugs ~~


You need to get a mental health warrant and the police will pick him up, if he comes back. Do not let him live with you and your father and for Gods sake talk to the councilors and psychiatrist and let them know the danger you, your dog and your father are in. He is a danger to you and others. It is ok to do …I have done it to my daughter 3 times and so what if she gets mad, at least they get help and you get protection. In the mean time…Look up anosognosia. It is a condition which hinders many to not know they are sick. A book that really helped me a lot is “I am not sick I don’t need help!” by Xavier Amador, PhD. If you don’t want to buy it go on YOU TUBE and look up the author and name of the book there…and check out the videos, they can help too! It is a very frustrating illness to deal with and any and all help helps a lot. Just remember you, your dog and your father are in danger and do not let him come back. There are group homes they can go to. The 3 month injection can be very helpful to keep them stable as long as possible. The more they get off their medication the worse they get and the longer they stay off the worse they get. It is mandatory you keep him on mediation as long as possible because he can’t get worse then he is now!

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Thank you all for your help. Support is so important to us going through this illness with our loved ones. My son is 22 years old and his illness started in his senior year of high school.This is the 2nd time he stopped taking meds but still saw his doctor and was verbally abusive but not violent. I told everyone that I could-police,doctors,social worker etc about all of the horrid things he has done so far plus I have a written diary that I write down episodes for the last 5 years.Nevada agrees with me but like I said we live in California so there probably will be some type of issue. I don’t care if he stays there because I can’t have him come home like he is.I am going up to Reno tomorrow to find out what the plan is. Will post afterwards and a big thanks to everyone for your suggestions and support


It sounds like Capgras delusion.

"Capgras delusion is a psychiatric disorder in which a person holds a delusion that a friend, spouse, parent, or other close family member (or pet) has been replaced by an identical impostor. The Capgras delusion is classified as a delusional misidentification syndrome, a class of delusional beliefs that involves the misidentification of people, places, or objects.[2] It can occur in acute, transient, or chronic forms. Cases in which patients hold the belief that time has been “warped” or “substituted” have also been reported.[3]

The delusion most commonly occurs in patients diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, but has also been seen in patients suffering from brain injury[4] and dementia.[5] It presents often in individuals with a neurodegenerative disease, particularly at an older age.[6] It has also been reported as occurring in association with diabetes, hypothyroidism, and migraine attacks.[7] In one isolated case, the Capgras delusion was temporarily induced in a healthy subject by the drug ketamine."


Soooo sorry this is happening to your family.
Obviously, he cannot stay with you at this time. Too dangerous. I hope you have success in Nevada. Prayers and hugs to you🌹

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My heart breaks for you and the decisions you have had to make regarding your own son. But I do know this much, living in a violent situation is no way to live for you, your father or your dog. You are in my thoughts and I hope this turns out to be the avenue that gets him the long term care he needs and the break from the chaos that you and your father need as well. I am going thru something similar as well with my husband being in jail but not with the violence aspect you are experiencing. Please keep us posted, we are here for you. No one understands this disease like the people on this forum. God Bless you and your family.


Not sure I completely understand if your son ended up in NV from Roseville but if he is hospitalized in NV they have a different belief on adults on holds and treatment. My daughter ended up in a Reno at an adult inpatient locked facility and they did nothing to help her. They were going to release her to the streets because she would not take meds. I ended up driving her back CA and her behavior got her on a 51/50 which lead to 4 years of escalating behavior and many hospitalizations in CA. I’d try to get him to CA. They won’t transfer him to a CA facility you will have to figure out how to get him back to CA. My daughter got much better and I had hope but know she is back on illegal drugs and not well. Maybe your son will have a better outcome. God Bless.


He ended up in Reno and has been there for over a week now. Placed on a hold and had a tel-court hearing today. The judge would not release him so he goes to regular court tomorrow. He is fighting this involuntary commitment. So we will see what happens. Everyone has been very nice and helpful.Nevada will transfer him back to California if a facility can take him.


Did he start medication or is he still refusing? My son is 26 and we went through 5 years of what you described. Car wreck, stopped his Invega had a complete psychotic break down. It took several hospital stays but finally he has been at home, takes his meds and a pleasure to be with after the meds took hold. Don’t give up!

Your story is so similar to mine. In fact, it’s almost identical. I responded on another persons post that one thing that really seemed to make a difference with my son was getting a ZYTO body scan done for him. I believe the number one issue with my son was the toxic black mold that was found on his brain. For whatever reason, psychiatrists and doctors don’t bother looking for this to be a cause of SZ or psychosis. My son went through a month long detox of this toxic mold to include ridding his body of other toxins that he’d been exposed to. I am not saying that this is a cure all, but if you could see him now, and knew that he’d been just like your son, you’d be surprised and excited to know that there is potentially something affordable to help him get better.

Toxic Black Mold exposure can cause a person to have psychotic episodes. I tell as many people as I can about this, because I want to help. I was living a nightmare with my son, and he was too. We both wanted to die. Now that the toxic black mold is gone, and his detox is complete, he feels soon much better, and he wants to do well with his life. I am so thankful for this technology.

My son’s initial visit with his holistic healer was $150, and each of the detox bottles that he was given were around $26 each. He was given 4 different detoxes. I’m letting you know my cost to give you an idea as to how much this will cost. I am in debt to various doctors and hospitals for my sons illness, all of whom never suggested that he might have this mold in his body. My son apparently is highly sensitive to molds, and I’m pretty sure he became exposed to it in elementary school.

Good luck to you and you son. I wish you both well.

Oh, one more thing…if you don’t have a holistic healer in your area, you can request that the cradle (what you hook up to your pc for the reading) be sent to your home for the reading.

My son’s holistic person is:
Dee Kline
Appointment Desk: 240-441-5130
She’s great, and really cares about people.

Can it cure me???

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@RBaker - Did you go to the holistic healer to get the scan?

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Hello cfromm. I’m in Ontario, Canada. Probably things are handled differently where you are and where I am.
I suggest you have your son arrested as horrible a step as that sounds. In my case, our son was arrested, and convicted which led to probation and terms he had to abide by which included his medication, treatment (psychiatrist) and keeping the peace etc. Fortunately under our system , for him this included a place to live in a half way house and then after a couple of years a very basic apartment. Thanks to universal health care here in Canada this all cost us very little, and he got the care he needed even though it was all basically against his will. It has been a draining 20 year grind so far and things are better now, not great but better. The separation from him is often heart wrenching, but having him in a place of his own where he is well monitored allows us to sleep at night. So I think do what you have to do because you’re doing it for the right reasons.

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The only medicine that helped my grandson was clozapine. He has been on it for two years. He us back working and last night he told me he met a new friend. Prayers for you it’s tough.


I can’t say this is a cure, but it can most definitely help you feel better. Getting all of the environmental toxins out of your body feels great! It has worked beautifully for myself and my family.