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I got over it, now my brother has it

I got diagnosed at age 30 (7 years ago) and went into a doctor immediately. We tried several different antipsychotics over the next couple years until I landed on one that worked without side effects. My family was very relieved and life mostly went on as it used to. Total time spent in psychosis was about 2-2.5 years before I got my insight back.

As of about a couple months ago, my brother is hearing voices and experiencing delusions. He refuses to go into a doctor. He says he’s worried they’ll put him in a “straight jacket.” I tried to tell him they only do that if you fail to go in voluntarily first, but he won’t listen.

I was always open to medication and treatment, as I had issues with bipolar before developing schizophrenic symptoms. My brother however flat out refuses treatment. I feel ill knowing he’s going through the worst thing that can happen to a person and I can’t help. You’d think since I went through the same thing, I’d know what to say to get him to agree to a doctor’s visit, but he distrusts me the same way he distrusts everyone else. I’m worried he’ll end up homeless or in jail. His family wants to help him but he’s convinced they’re all out to get him.

So I’m assuming the next step is to just cut off from him and focus on my own recovery. Worrying about him is aggravating my anxiety, although I’m not worried about having an episode as I haven’t had one in over two years. Still, it’s heartbreaking to see my mother go through this again. I’d ask for suggestions but I really don’t think they will help, I’ve researched this illness to death and spent an unsuccessful hour and a half on the phone with him last week trying to keep him calm and offer solutions. He’s convinced everyone in his life wants to call the cops on him for some imagined crime, even strangers in hotels. I don’t understand why he won’t seek help.


You are very lucky that you can lead a normal life. I understand you wanting to help your brother, but just let go. What will happen with him is out of your control. If you read numerous posts here you will realize why. You are one of the small percentage of people who can actually have a life. Most cannot. Be thankful your life is what it is.


I had my first episode quickly following my sister we were both mid teens and had it together I’ve had 5 years of psychosis o and off
Now my youngest sister has a form of schizophrenia in alcoholic psychosis
Which as end stages of alcoholism have started 8 years of pure psychosis with confabulation and suicidal tendencies when she drinks
And when she’s not drinking
So I don’t know how you can help your brother
I e been pulling my hair out for 8 years
It’s only the 2 of us.
Our middle sister died 20years ago after deteriorating for 12 years I’m very very sorry to hear about your brothers illness

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