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Need Advice of brother's delusion

Hi All,

Thanks for creating the group for the caregivers like us. Sometimes it’s really hard for us to share everything in public but i can open up about everything happened so far. My brother (26) has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia in 2015. Initially, our family didn’t accept the fact because of unawareness and lack of knowledge about mental health issues. But as per the doctor’s advice we’ve started the treatment but it didn’t go well as most of the patients he also refused to take meds and believed he’s fine. Once he’s off the meds, the situation got worse and we had to face terrible pyschotic episodes of him. My parents had to left their jobs , since then we’re not financially sound.

In 2019, proper medication has been started. But he’s still facing auditory hallucinations and very intense delusions. Like he thinks that aliens exists and they’re on television. Also, we possess some magical power to get vanish suddenly. We are trying to make him understand but its not working. Please help us out on this.


Call his Dr. and tell them his symptoms asap.
Medication adjustments are very common and can hopefully help him with the symptoms he is having.

Don’t get discouraged, you can’t “make” them understand when they are in this state. Use LEAP (“Listen-Empathize-Agree-Partner.) he’s scared and it’s real to him… comfort him and let him have a quiet safe space.

go to If you are in the states and contact them, for you and your family.

stay strong… He’s lucky to have a kind and caring sister!

I am afraid that, most likely, nothing you do or say will stop his hallucinations and delusions. But, be hopeful. As he remains on a correct medicine, there should be improvements over the coming months.

My daughter has been on a shot for 14 months now (after almost 3 years of psychosis), and there are still improvements in her thinking and behavior occurring that I can notice.

You are best off working WITH his delusions, not trying to make him change his feelings about what is very, very real to him. If you can, read Dr. Amador’s book (several times maybe), any education you give yourself will help. Most people can’t recognize their own mental illness (anosognosia).

This site will help you a lot as you learn how others are coping. Welcome, and come back. I am on here almost daily as it supports my own heart and soul.