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I now know what to call it. My Brother has dual diagnosis and is not compliant

Im not sure if you have a success story
He knows he is half mad i recognise his psychosis as pretty severe
Battles alcohol
And wants no part of psychiatry

Is there any advice you can give?
He’s 50

I dont know what else i can say to explain
He presents as slightly less mad than florid psychosis but is clearly going through psychosis for a long time now
He has very very complex other things like PTSD and anxiety

Hi three,

I have read your posts before but can’t remember if you live with your sister or not.

My husband has dual diagnosis and is also not compliant. He is in his late 40s and has delusions, is argumentative constantly and difficult to be around, has alienated all his friends due to asking for money all the time. He also has PTSD from experiences in prison and mental institutions and abuse from childhood.

Advice? If you live with her, my advice would be to help her find another place to live, some kind of halfway house or group home, so that her psychosis is not in your life constantly. If you don’t live with her, I would say limit your contact and let her know you love her and that you are there for her. Do what you can for her but not at the expense of your own life. If she is not doing well, she may have to get to a point where she needs professional help and there is no other option.

My heart goes out to you and any other family member or anyone else with a loved one who is going through a difficult time without any help. I know it is difficult for the loved ones, but it is also very tough on the caregivers/relatives. :revolving_hearts:


Oh, @three , at least you know the diagnosis. But diagnosis can only help IF there is treatment.

My daughter’s success continues, but it only happened because of the police, the court, the forced monthly shot. I thank daily in my prayers the strangers that put in action the events that led to her recovery. I believe totally that only medication compliance can lead to significant recovery.