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My sister illness

My sister is a schizophrenic. She was lucky and has a medication that works but she never takes it. She’s now on injections (depo) but can still wreak havoc. She gambles all of her money, refuses help, and always has to latch on to boys who take advantage of her. Has anyone had similar experiences? It’s like a never ending battle and become life consuming. I’m trying to persuade her care team that she needs supported accommodation but they are not listening.

Welcome to the forum! Although I am caring for a teenage son, I can relate to some of what you are going through. My son can’t think logically about money, and if left to his own devices will befriend people who try to sell him pot and worse things.

I hope your sister will decide to stay with the medication that works. It is such a horrible disease and even with medication it’s such a rollercoaster.

This is a great group to be part of. I am sending you positive thoughts. Your sister is so lucky to have you looking out for her. I hope her team will realize that she needs more help.