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I want to inform you of my experience on olanzapine

I am on olanzapine 10 mg.
I am on it for 40 days (previously was off meds).
A therapeutic dose.
Some people gain weight on it BUT NOT ALL.
I am on it for 40 days and essentially haven’t gained any weight.
I continue to exercise vigorously every day, and I don’t feel that olanzapine has adversely affected my physical
health in any way.
Now regarding its therapeutic influence.
Well I had overwhelming intrusive thoughts that I urgently needed to move abroad.
These thoughts controlled me to the extent that I pressured my parents to get me urgently to the airport.
I also used every day to write a lot of rubbish on pieces of paper, the content something ridiculous that was
somehow being fed to me. When I walked I used to talk to myself, although it felt like someone
else was talking to me and inserting crap into my head.
I also heard offensive voices. I was also very agitated.

Now olanzapine took care of all this I feel.
I no longer have these intrusive thoughts.
I still write rubbish on a piece of paper but it is much rarer.
I rarely talk to myself anymore and I don’t hear any voices.
I am also much calmer.

True, I also have severe cognitive symptoms and severe sleep problems.
These things, olanzapine didn’t cure them but I feel a certain improvement.
I sleep 11-12 hours and go to sleep very late, but there were days on olanzapine that I woke up somewhat earlier.
Further, cognitively, in the last several months off olanzapine I was able to play chess, write
in schizophrenia forum and that’s it.
On olanzapine there were days that I was able to read and that’s a step forward.
Also yesterday I found out a bus line and started travelling to the health club by bus,
a small step toward independence.

Overall olanzapine didn’t cure my schizophrenia or make me functional,
but it brought about a significant improvement in my condition without causing noticeable side effects.
Perhaps it’s worth a try for your loved ones.
Take care.


It’s sounds like this drug worked very well for you.
My son did well on it too for a long time.

Hopefully, things will continue to get even better for you.

I think going out on a bus like that would be very scary for my son most of the time. That was a big step - you should be very proud of yourself.


Thank you for writing. It sounds like you are doing well. I hope you are able to read more and more as reading is my favorite thing to do.


Eurex, congratulations on your success and newfound freedom. We wish you the best. I have also heard DBT is really helpful from another member here. Best regards