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Update on daughter: she has a diagnosis

My daughter was officially diagnosed with schizophrenia Wednesday. She saw a psychologist and brought in 3 pages of symptoms she has been having over the last 3 months. She had to do a 500 questionnaire too.
The psychologist was very thorough and concerned for her so we are happy she has found a good therapist. She is taking her seriously.

In IN the wait to get in to see a psychiatrist is 4-6 months so the psychologist called her GP and asked her to prescribe her a low dose of Olanzapine.
Is anyone familiar with this drug? What is your take on it?

The psychologist wrote a note for her job that she wear earplugs too because noises in the shop were too loud and overwhelming her head. Overall a good appointment even though the dreaded diagnosis of schizophrenia.

Good for your daughter that she has a good therapist, and that a way was found to help her get a prescription. Oh my a 4-6 month wait for a psychiatrist?! Wow.

My daughter was on Olanzapine for a time during her 3rd hospitalization. It worked well enough for her to get out of the hospital, but she failed to stay on the meds once released, so I have no idea how it would have worked long term. I hope your daughter sees a good improvement on it.

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Olanzapine is effective with positive symptoms, but has a reputation for causing weight gain and raising blood sugar and lipid levels. Care with diet and exercise and regular doctors visits checking blood pressure and cholesterol levels is a good practice regardless of choice of AP medication. These’s a recent thread discussing this medication at length.

Adaptive measures such as noise canceling headphones or earplugs are becoming more common for people on ADHD and Autism spectrums. I took similar measures on my own in the workplace later in my career, but in my experience noisy and chaotic work environments can take their toll over time. I worked some light industrial jobs months before I was diagnosed, and it was much easier to handle the more quiet lab environment I worked in after diagnosis.

A stable low key environment without significant change of personnel and interaction is generally best. Changes to the work environment and plans are best if gradual and discussed ahead of time. This said, overly dull and repetitive work isn’t always good either. You want enough stimulation to keep the mind occupied, but not so much to tax it with processing sensory inputs, human interactions and unpredictable events.


I agree your daugther will be far more stable on Olanzepine. Your daugther needs to make adjustments to her diet starting now. Start eating a lot more fruits and vegetables in her diet coupled with healthy fats like olive oil, avocado and almonds. Add in 4 oz protein for every meal and she should be able to maintain her weight. Weight gain is often times why people on anti-psychotics quit their meds.

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My daughter has been on Olanzipine for a year. She’s gained weight but Is now learning improved nutritional habits. She also cognitively realizes how this medication can increase her appetite although her appetite has seemed to lessen lately. Not sure if this is a medication effect or behavioral change or both. I was concerned about over her weight change of 20 pounds over a few months.
She was diagnosed with bipolar 1 and schizophrenia and the positive symptoms did lessen with her bipolar but the voices still distract her so the Doctor added Caplyta which mainly treats schizophrenia. She is also on Effexor, and Depokote.
I wish the best for you and your child. Never give up hope of finding the right med to stabilize this illness.

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Thank you! So far it has lessened the paranoia. Of course I don’t know if it’s the med or if it just comes and goes naturally with this illness.
I asked my daughter to join a gym and start exercising at least 3 times a week. I told her about this side effect of weight gain and lipid levels increasing so I hope she does this for herself. She is naturally very thin and eats keto already so I feel that’s a good start.

I wish you and your daughter blessings on this journey.

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Believe it or not since my son was diagnosed 6 years ago he has tried 5 or 6 meds and is having really good results with haldol… I know who knew? He had shakes at first but those are nearly gone 6 months in. He says this is the most quiet he has had and now goes to the gym every day to tackle lethargy and weight gain. I am so proud of his progress it has been a super Ricky road.