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I'm new, my son is incarcerated

Hello. I am new to the forum. My son is 26, symptomatic for every characteristic of schizophrenia, and currently incarcerated…

As of a week ago, he is in a crisis center receiving therapy and meds after an attempted escape followed by apparently not ignorable psych behaviors.

I’m hopeful he will get a diagnosis and some insight.

At any rate, it’s a lot to wrap my head around- what I’m looking at in the future- my role with him.

I am looking to learn and prepare to be a supportive person in his life to the extent it’s helpful. Thus, I’m looking to make some connections. :+1:t2:


@2trodge Welcome, and this is a good place to start — I’m fairly new here, but there are many who have been on the forum a long time and have invaluable insight and resources to share. Unfortunately, lack of insight or Anosognosia, is common in 80% of people diagnosed with this condition. It is the single largest reason why people with Schizophrenia (SCZ) or Bipolar, refuse medications or do not seek treatment. I sincerely hope that your son will realize that overall he feels better with the medication and continues to take it. Best wishes to you and your family.

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Specifically, I see many people recommend: The book 'I’m not sick I don’t need help" by Dr, Xavier Amador as a great help, and the NAMI family-to-family education course.

@2trodge Recommended Books on Schizophrenia, paranoid schizophrenia -

Thank you! I will check out some books! I am also a student in a family nurse practitioner program, and so I am doing my assignment tonight on schizophrenia- H&P exam findings, proposed diagnostics, and treatments. And for pharmacology, I’ve got to write about an agent utilized to treat psychosis… so it’s an opportunity, right?

A few days ago I was speaking to a friend who is a victim advocate. She said, “let me tell you a success story…” and goes on about an individual who was homeless with few resources, got her housing and stabilized on meds, then she feels okay and goes off meds and ends up in a bind so my friend helps set her up with housing and she eventually goes off meds and burns down a building… winds up in jail (“Wait! THIS is the success story?” I say. “Yes, and you’ll see why,” she says.) So the victim advocate is called and helps get her set up with a once-monthly injectable medication and asks the judge to court order it as she’s otherwise a danger to herself and others. Since then she’s been stable for years and writes lovely church devotionals.

Does anybody know of any group therapies for parents that deal with children with schizophrenic episodes

You can try Nami group if they have one it your area, I have not done this yet but it is an option and I believe it is a non-profit group that also holds classes for care givers and family. Just google NAMI.

You could seek out a child psychologist. If you call your health insurance company, they may be able to connect you with providers, particularly if someone specializes or has experience with it.