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My son is schitzaphrenic


My ex husband was a paranoid schizophrenic, he committed suicide 29 years ago. My son has not been officially diagnosed, however it is apparent that he has this illness also. He was arrested 2 years ago for doing bizarre things. The one that got him arrested was for stealing a bucket from our local fire department and placing it on the local police car and squirting the car with a bottle of ranch dressing. Of course the captured all of this on video. He would also be seen running thru the small town we lived In at all hours of night carrying 50 weights. He believes that the army has a hold on him and that he works for the department of justice specializing in homeland security for the highest ranking g of domestic terror and bring down the sex mafia. This is heartbreaking as a parent and there hasn’t been any help for us to get for him. He lives with us and sold our house of 15 years so we could move to the bigger city so he can utilize the bus system. He has been unable to hold a job for more than 6 months at a time. Before he showed any outworks signs of this illness he had a good job a wife and 3 children. They were happy and lived a very fulfilled life. Now all he does is walk around town. Not speaking g to anyone or a knowledging anyone or anything. He carries a back pack around that weighs st least 50 lbs he won’t speak to us and does not trust us. It has been very stressful and we have tried therapy. The therapist wasn’t any help as she kept giving us suggestions that weren’t even realistic. I no this had been a long post and I am not sure if anyone will read but it has helped some to just type it. So if you happen to rea this. Thank you! :cry:


Julzz, I’m sorry this disease happened to your son. It happened to my son too. I hope you stay and find comfort here on this forum.


Thank you. I’m sorry about your son also.


Sorry to hear about your son, @Julzzz1963.I don’t suppose he is willing to see a psychiatrist or be evaluated for admission into a psychiatric hospital or even the ER? My son’s symptoms have typically been episodic and a few times he has allowed me to take him to the ER, where they can try to stabilize him. Other times I call the police when I believe he is a danger to himself and they have placed him on a 3-day hold then transferred him to the p-hospital. So, sometimes voluntary and other times involuntary, with the latter unfortunately becoming the norm.

This is all so hard for our loved ones and ourselves. If you haven’t researched NAMI and attended their meetings/programs, I would recommend it. Sending a big hug your way.


can you try to get guardianship on him and do an involuntarily commitment for treatment.
you must show that he can be danger to himself or others?


if he gets admitted to a Phys iatric ward, you can request from the doctor to conserved him so he can get long term treatment.
if you are in California, the county where he is living can assign him a conservator and he will be treated in Psychiatric hospital then moved to a locked facility.
prayers are with you.
if you do not live in California, I would consult with family lawyer and get a guardianship to be able to pressure him to take medicine and also you can be in charge of his finances and get him disability income.