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In need of advice

Hi. My family has had a history of de and bipolar ha younger brother (he’s 25) was diagnosed with ADD when he was 10. He’s been taking medications and therapy for ADD first. Then depression. After that is been bipolar disorder. We live in a small central American country, and I feel like all of this never helped with his condition. I moved in my parents house after my sister in law died last October to help my brother, nephew and niece cope with her death. My younger brother has been always living with them. Since they’re afraid of letting him go. He’s behavior has been erratic. He hardly talks to any of us. When he does he says things to upset us. He continuously comes in rooms were we are sleeping, leaves the lights on, doesn’t take care of his personal hygiene. Lately things have been disappearing from the house (cell phones, laptops) and if the appear (usually in his room) everything is smashed into pieces, completely destroyed. His constantly accusing people of mocking him and has hit my brother for this reason. I’m very worried and called his therapist. But she says he hasn’t been attending his sessions and she’s going to try to convince him to go to his therapy sessions.
What can I do?

He is in need of meds - the proper ones.
ADD meds can be harmful to someone who displays manic behavior/bipolar.
I suggest that he sees a good psychiatrist - therapy will do little for him if hes destabilized

There are non stimulating meds to help with add like straterra or amoxotine I am not sure about it’s effecicy though

He needs some serious behavior modification or I’ m afraid he will only get worse and cause some more unnecessary trauma for those involved.

He can not be allowed to take and destroy thing that aren’t his.
If he isn’t one bit sorry for his behavior, he will eventually control the household.
He needs to be made aware his bad behavior cannot be tolerated.

Thank you for replying. Medication is the only part he follows. Whenever he has to go to therapy he switches psychiatrist.
I’m afraid he spread took over the household.
That’s my biggest fear. I feel like my mother out of guilt enables his misbehavior and worsens his condition.

As a mom, I think I probably did a lot of that with my son. I agree, he needs to know that if he is going to live with you, he has to change the bad behavior, or he may have to live somewhere else. It would be good if someone in your family could go with him when he sees the doctor–tell he/she what is going on at home and how your brother is acting with his current medications.

He needs to be carefully watched at all times and making sure he isn’t taking anything to alter his moods or sleep deprivation, insomnia and lack of dietary needs. There are harmful substances that can make him worst such as, alcohol, drugs, caffeine, sugar, and any allergy products

It sounds like some of his behaviors may be being fueled by paranoia which could explain why he is destroying technology items like cellphones. The feeling of being mocked could be due to voices that he is hearing that sound like family members.

It’s very possible that his ADD medication is triggering psychosis symptoms. If you can talk to his psychiatrist.

Thank you all. He has been engaging into fist fights with his older brother. He just attacks him. He’s currently been injected medication by the family doctor, because he refuses to see a psychiatrist.

Just remember that he is unwell and needs help. He needs his family to be caring too. If you think he needs hospiatalisation, contact the psychiatrist. Much Love.