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Invega Sustenna injection, my son, paranoid schizophrenic

My son who is 27 years old receives a monthly injection from the local mental health facility here. He seems OKAY, but . . . I don’t know for sure because it’s hard to know what he’s really thinking, and I have just so much I want to share and learn. What do you think of Invega Sustenna?

it works, that’s all I can say.
I hate the added weight gain though. I wish I didn’t put on weight due to mine but am actively working to get rid of the excess weight (which I’ve almost doubled in size because of) was manorexic before hand.
That’s probably the only side effect I’ve experienced personally besides having my “mind turned off” meaning not only do I have a blank facial expression but it feels like my mind is completely turned off not able to think or process much. which is why a lot of people want to be of medication in the long run. it’s almost like being on auto pilot.

But yes, it’s a good medication if he has serious side effects get him of it ASAP though because it can be bad for some people.

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It really depends, each person has its own reaction to the meds. I’m doing pretty good, no more delusions or hallucinations and no flat effect also. But it took a while for me the meds to work for me, months really.

My mom also felt like you, but gradually I began to open up. How long is he taking the injections?

Thank you for your reply. He hasn’t gained weight. That’s interesting. He does have the flat aspect and monotone, one-word answers to questions, which is really the only way to get him to talk.

About two years, I believe. Also, I was wondering if the medications lose their effectiveness over time? And also, he smokes a LOT of marijuana, so really he has a dual diagnosis. He believes he cannot cope without the weed.

My doctor gave me a “lets see for 5 years” on how well the medication works on me. I heard something about szs gaining tolerance to the meds but I’m not a doctor, can’t really comment on that.

I quit smoking marijuana so I don’t know what kind of effect it can take with the medication, but I’m guessing that’s where the monotone probably comes from, at least it did that with me in the past.

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It works for some. My son gained weight so rapidly - about 100 lbs - that the doctor decided to change to something else. He was on Geodon for a while and lost about 20 lbs, and is now on Risperdal Consta, another injectable. He has gained weight again, but it has not been as drastic. His symptoms are somewhat controlled, but he still has both positive and negative symptoms.

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This is really bad for people who have schizophrenia - if you can get him off it, that would be a very helpful think I think.

Some personal experiences and research here:

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my life really didn’t truly turn around until I stopped the pot…

The pot made it so the meds didn’t work right… so that led me to believe meds didn’t work at all… so I smoked more pot… took less meds…

got worse and got involuntarily hospitalized…

I hope your son can get help getting off the pot… it just makes everything worse.

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I wonder why my son hasn’t gained weight? He eats a LOT and drinks beer, not hyperactive; although he paces constantly. Could that be it? Exercise? LOL!

Goodluck.,.,.,. 1151515

when i was on 234 invega sustenna i was also on 18 mgs of invega oral and latuda 140 mg. it didn’t really work for me, so the doctor at the current clinic has me on haldol instead of invega.

He needs to stop the marijuana. I think that is step 1.

iam 25 years old and i have been on every APmed you can think of. and i just got put on invega like 4 months ago. and i have been able to think more clear and i still here voices and still see things. but with this med i feel more stable. and more in control of my self. i have to go down to a place every day to take my pills for a blood thinner and other things. but mine is a shot once a month. and i have to say it is a pretty good med.

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My son has been on Invega for about 1 1/2 years. Was recently increased to max dose but while on has helped dramatically. Has not had weight gain

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It helps him with the delusions and paranoid thoughts, but still has the flat affect, etc. And at least now he bathes and brushes his teeth!

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How long did it take everyone to have the Injectable Invega to work? My son has been on it for two weeks now, both injectable and oral , in fact they decreased the oral, and he is not doing better. I’m surprised because I thought two weeks usually showed some results. He’s on a combo of Artane, Invega, and Klonopin (4x’s a day) and there has been no difference in his behaviors.

It took me at least three months for the hallucinations to stop, and at least six months for the delusions to fade, eight months for the rest of the symptoms. You just have to have patience. Best of luck!

I read the other day that injectable anti-psychotics aren’t any better than pills. It is good that he bathes and brushes his teeth. It is good that his delusions and paranoid thoughts are going away too. We mustn’t expect too much from medication for psychosis. In my case, I have much too much affect.

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In my case it was because I would probably not take any pills, so the injection was court ordered

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