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Invega Sustaina review

what the dose of Invega-sustena are you taking?
what other medications are you currently taking?

how long ago you have been diagnosed with Schizphrenia?

what medication did you take prior to Invega-sustena?

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I can barely hear you.

What dose are you on? I did horribly on 156 but on 234 I am much better. Except for the negatives.

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Latuda, ability, trazedone, seraquel, olanzepine.
I was taking mirtazapine and Wellbutrin along with the invega(234mg)
I was diagnosed back in 2014.
@ZombieMombie sorry I do apologise for the audio quality.
My next scheduled shot is on January 14th but I’m not going to get it because it seems like the medicine makes me feel lonely and miss people when I’m alone.

Maybe give it a little more time. At first I hated Invega, but now I feel more “normal”.

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People feel alone often - that’s why we seek out others to be social with. When I am lonely I go find people to talk to. Have you tried participating in the diagnosed forum when you are lonely? How long have you been on the shot? My son has been on the shot since May. He is clear as a bell (for the most part). He has not mentioned feeling lonely but he likes to be by himself.


@DianeR I’ve been on the shot for about 4/5 months. One reason why I rejoined was because of feeling lonely. I live alone without a tv or anything so it gets boring after a while unless I’m staying occupied like talking to you guys or making music or just videos @ZombieMombie my other psychiatrist insisted on giving it some time in the beginning which I did but I can’t continue for two reasons. Its because of the feeling of loneliness when I’m alone and nervousness to leave out for an outing.
I’ll be cool though. Next week makes a month since my last shot so I’ll see what happens

@flower, what kind of affect did Zyprexa have on you? Currently that is all my son is taking 10mg, it’s keeping him calm and less anxious. Do you think it’s affects will wear off eventually and he will have to go to injections? Just curious as to what you experienced on Zyprexa. Thanks

How did this come about? Did the doctor help her realize she had a condition? We are about 8 months in on invega and my son, at this point, says he will go off next Fall when the he is allowed to (we are not recommending). Any advice for me? He works a full time job and doesn’t smoke pot. He is way more clear than he has ever been. Still some cleanliness issues. The rest is ok.

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We are glad to have you. Hope you are having a nice day. Are you working or in school, I can’t recall.

The medication was the sole reason for restoring the ability to understand she was suffering with an illness. The illness causes people to process information differently, and every single individual can be impacted differently.

Even to this day with insight she does not like some of the side effects…but that is the trade-off for being able to care for herself, hold a job and try and plan for a future. There is weight gain due to increased desire to eat, she just had her yearly physical and cholesterol levels are climbing (trying to work on diet and exercise).

In our case, cleanliness is not an issue…but neatness and attention to detail. She will tell you she doesn’t like to shower and her room is a mess. We are just grateful she gets up every day and goes to work and stays on meds. We also have guardianship and she knows we don’t bluff when/if it comes to using our guardianship.

I’ve done some reading and there is some school of thought that symptoms can lessen with age (for those not on meds)… I would assume it’s the same for those on meds.

Well we’ll see how our next doctor visit goes. In CO we can’t force meds only the court can. But, if he does go off I will monitor and if I need to get another mental health eval.

Is there anything you think you explained to her that made her understand she has the illness? We’ve tried the - if you had diabetes, you’d take medication.

I am thankful as well that he is currently sticking with the program and that he gets up and goes to work every night. He did gain weight but his work is physical so that has helped keep it down.

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DianeR —If your son is also suffering from Anosognosia (as many as 40-50% also have it) in addition to his primary diagnosis, it can be virtually impossible to reason with them. Like anything else I’m sure there are varying degrees of Anosognosia.

In our situation there was absolutely no reasoning with our daughter ( we could have been having a medical crisis ourselves and she wouldn’t have cared) when she had her onset/break. The only issue that mattered was what she wanted or needed at that very moment and she was almost willing to do anything to get it.