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Involuntary hospitalization

My son was involuntarily hospitalized last weekend. He had become belligerent and mildly aggressive. Pdoc has him on 5mg of zyprexa and is increasing it to 10mg tonight. S feels it hasn’t done anything for him. He has a lot of anxiety and hates being in the hospital …hates pdoc and nurses. I hope and pray will help him.
He still wonders why he’s there. Takes meds so he can get out. Not sure he’ll stay on them at home. Thx for reading

Express your concern to his mental health professionals about him continuing to take his meds at home. They might help you come up with a solution or a strategy to help your son stay on the meds. Some APs come in the form of a monthly injection, if those meds work for him, you’ll only have to worry about him getting that medication once a month instead of every day.
There are other medications to help with your son’s anxiety, but he needs to be able to cooperate and communicate with his pdoc in order to get on the bests meds for his individual situation. They might just take it one medication at a time so they can limit side effects!

best of luck to you and your son. Stay Strong! :blue_heart:

I was involuntarily hospitalized numerous times before I became treatment compliant. It takes longer with some of us. I was finally put on a Haldol decoate injection. Now they’ve put me on Geodon and Seroquel, which are much easier to tolerate. I think they’ve come out with a Geodon injection, which could be a blessing for your son.

Hopefully 10 mg will work better. My son is on Zyprexa/Olanzapine off and on. It really seems to help knock out the voices however I do note that it can bring out aggression in him and I have read that from parents in a group I’m in. I think it’s from the Zyprexa leaving the system so a higher or more frequent dosing may help.

S just got home from the hospital yesterday. He is on 10mg zyprexa and still hostile belligerent and threatening. He wasn’t any of those things in the hospital. It’s been 10 days since starting medication and 3 days since he has been at 10mg. In your experience, do you think he needs a higher dose or does it take longer to take effect? In the meantime it’s very uncomfortable around here.

I read more carefully that maybe a higher dose or more often may help.