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IQ and schizophrenia


Wow! That’s total bull shit about I.Q.! They asked for her I.Q.? I’ve never heard of that. I used to be a court reporter in Connecticut and I covered lots of medical, including psychiatric, and never heard the I.Q needed. And it shouldn’t matter. My son has paranoid Sz. It’s so sad, isn’t it? I too have a first cousin with Sz paranoid type. And your cousin starved to death?? How awful!!


Here in my town, we have a great disability lawyer. I think this is an instance where a lawyer would be advised.


Yes I agree that it’s the worst! In fact, I believe it was Dr. Torrey who said that Sz is the worst illness (disease) ever in the history of mankind!! My son has Sz. He’s 29 and has no life. I’m beyond sad and always will be. And one of the ironies for me is that he’s always had and still has, this amazing immune system!! Never even has a cold! But Oh Right!! He DOES have this illness that’s the worst in the history of mankind???!! I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to highjack this thread. As for getting disability, you’ll probably be denied the first time. Here where I live it’s actually part of the process to deny the first time. And you really should have a good disability lawyer. I’m using my phone to post so I’m sorry. I’m responding in the wrong place LOL! Hopefully this will be seen by the thread starter. Ugh sorry so confusing!!


Loved United States of Tara!! Need to check out split. My son has bpd and DID along with sz! But he has agreed to go back on shot! Praise the Lord! He’s had his first shot and booster already. Praying he stays on it and his friends stay away! Cuz when he gets his other meds they flock to him like vultures and that’s when the meth comes in the picture.


Oh, that’s a horrible combination. I’m afraid that my fiancé could have had DID at some point of his life, but he only had one other personality/alter, and it hasn’t spoken for over a year, so he’s him. Yay! That’s good! Have you been able to find like something stable for him? How was the hospitalization? And how’s your disability determination and divorce going?


You need to get him away from the doctor that prescribes the opiates to him.
He does not need those.

If he has chronic pain, there are other ways to manage it.

I can’t remember if he gets benzos too, but those wouldn’t be good either if you want to keep the druggies away from him.

I’m glad he’s back on the shot. I hope it makes a big difference.


@slw – I think you’re right. In communicating with my daughter she often seems to be in another world and will ask me repeatedly – “what did you say.” Not sure if its hallucinations, voices or both. It appears to me that she is unable to organize her thinking.


Sorry so long to reply. Phone issues. Hospital was a joke. He was out same day. They said nothing was wrong with him! Ha! Divorce will be final end of this mth and he is doing great!! Disability hearing this Thursday at 10 but won’t get an answer that day. It will be mailed to me. I’m the one falling apart!!


I wish I could get him away from those drs but he is 32 and I have no control over that unfortunately!!


It’s okay, I completely understand. I hope they do give you the disability, I know how awful it can be. By the way, my new neurologist gave me Depakote Sprinkles (Divalproex) and it’s helping a lot!! I still get headaches, but sometimes they’re not on a 10 level where I just want to hit my head and die. Sometimes I don’t even have a headache for a few hours. So you should try it!


I can relate to the high IQ and SZ. My father had an accident when he was 37 and sustained a head injury. When they tested him, they found out he had a very high IQ. A few years later, he developed SZ. My husband was an electrician 20 years ago until he was electrocuted. In connection with that, he lost his hand. He had been fine for years up until about 3 years ago when he was diagnosed with late onset SZ. He too was tested after his accident and found to have an extremely high IQ. It really makes you wonder???


I don’t know if it matters but my 21 yo son was diagnosed with schizophrenia in January 2017. Before that he was an honor student in high school, he took AP classes the whole time. He was accepted to the U of U into computer science. That’s when he had his break. Now he colors and plays video games all day long. Kinda sad. :confused:


It is very sad to watch your very brilliant child be all consumed by this brain disease and very upsetting that there seems to be no cure! Only maintenance. Look up Hearing voices of support on YouTube. All the stories and concerns! And also hope! And this forum is such a great place to get support and an understanding heart :heart:️!!


My daughter is now in a group home. Her intelligence years ago was of average or a little above average intelligence. She was tested a couple of years ago and her IQ was tested below average.

There was another thread on this forum discussing schizo-affective disorder-- my daughter’s diagnosis. I’m beginning to wonder if that is the correct diagnosis. Giving a accurate diagnosis for mental illness is far from being an exact science. I say that because what I’m observing with my daughter. I’m beginning to believe it’s disorganized schizophrenia. She can’t complete a thought and shuts down when she can’t find her words. Her thinking is so erratic that having a normal conversation with her is no longer possible. She is not the same daughter I raised years ago. Is the cause of the drop in intelligence is that her thinking is so disorganized.


Thank you for your post! I read them all and never think they are hyjacked! Christ it is a miracle we don’t all lose our minds dealing with loved ones who have this horrific disease. My son is 33 now. He was given ssi on his first application for disability. Their psychiatrist was a good doctor. But at the time it was pretty obvious for anyone with two eyes. I mean that. I didn’t need a disability lawyer. I filled out the paperwork. It was the interviews with him, I’m sure, that were the deciding factor. There is without a doubt no worse illness than schizophrenia.