Is schizophrenia passed from father to son?

It has been a while I started seeing this guy, and I love that person. Few days from today, we were hanging out and he told me that his father suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and he believes in things that do not exist. For instance, he believes that someone is spying on their family by installing cameras in their house and he got really aggressive and started beating up his family members and got indulged serious fist fights with both his sons.

Now, my point of consideration is that if Jim has the chances of inheriting this disease genetically from his father. If that is the case what are the precautions that should be taken and the symptoms too. I love him, and I pray everyday for his well being. I want to there with him and for him if anything goes wrong at all.

I personally do not have any experience in this field, and I am genuinely terrified that my boyfriend might show symptoms and even worse, our kids inherit the disease genitally through their grandfather.

Is schizophrenia passed from father to son, or grandfather to grandchild genetically?

It does tend to run in families.

There is possibly a genetic factor: - Schizophrenia Genetics and Heredity


I recommend you read up on the causes of schizophrenia and the prevention approaches you can take to schizophrenia:

Causes of Schizophrenia


Preventing Schizophrenia

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