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Is this behavior familiar?

My son talks like he is someone else. He refers to himself in a second person voice. Sometimes he even has different voices not currently but he has in the past. He talks drug talk 24 seven and I think this might be due to his frequent hospitalizations. It’s frustrating because he really wouldn’t even qualify for drug rehab because currently he’s just talking about them. At first I thought that he was trying to persuade people he was on drugs rather than have

This happens almost every time he comes home from the hospital and I think that somehow it worsens this behavior but I want to ask if anyone else’s loved ones do this. I’ve really starting to question myself about whether I am being honest about who my son really is but does tend to come and go.
I’ve made sure he is had medicine for the past two days and today was better. He actually fixed breakfast for himself and helped me clean up and there was no odd talk for at least 3 to 4 hours but when he gets into himself it’s like he’s entertaining a bunch of scumbags. My husband was with him this morning and he said what comes out of his mouth is just really nasty.

He told me this morning he had some bad dreams. At least he talked to me today. My husband said is is staying clear of him. It’s So depressing but is this common or should we be looking at a different diagnosis. I can see why people get schizophrenia confused with multiple personalities.

My son doesn’t do exactly what you’re talking about, but he’ll say he’s different people, and his mood can change with the wind.

I agree that the people in the hospital are not good influences. He always comes out wanting to drink & “party” right away to “celebrate” coming home. That’s not something he would say before. And, now he’ll say he has a “right” to drink.

Let’s just hope those meds work for him, he takes them, and you see some slow progress. That’s what I hope for every day. And, I do see progress, but it’s at a snail’s pace, and other people might not see it at all.

Maybe in a few days some of the nastiness will go away. I’ve certainly heard my share of stuff that I’d just as soon never have heard. I think hyper-sexuality can be a symptom - I know it can be a symptom of mania, so probably psychosis too.


Thanks, it does tamper down with the right meds.

My fiancé has had all of the symptoms your son has and does all the things yours has, including the drug speeches. He used to have someone else who would switch and speak with me, and then it would tell him what to do. He has several voices too. If your son talks like he is the voices and keeps switching for more than one, then I would be concerned. If it’s only one, it’ll pass like my fiancé’s did. He later named it a function of his operating system.

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My son would often refer to himself in the third person, and although he would not use different voices, or represent he was anyone else, he would absolutely get lost in his delusions and was a part of them. He felt he was living in an alternate reality or a game, and he was one of the players/pieces…and not only did that player or person have a goal/experience/mission/or part in what he thought…he was lost in the persona of his part. He could not detect what was real, or what was the “game” he was sure was going on around him.

My son also struggled with “dreams.” I think he gets lost between what is real, what actually might be a dream while sleeping, or what he thinks is a dream, and might actually be hallucinations.

This illness truly has altered what my son’s perception of what is real…and sometimes he would even enjoy the experience of wherever this illness would take him.

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